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M84 style imitation bomb rocked idea

Wednesday on June 24th, 2020Other

This week had wanted to read the eternal Story, then write articles, prepare to see the last one rebellious Story. but! Today I give you for a notebook hard drives, HGST only original 512GB, does not seem quite enough, so directly bought a 1TB (actual capacity 931.5GB) of Western Digital Blue plate, quite cheap, plus a 18 the next day to go good luck up, calculating Thursday to receive a good hard day swap hard disk to install the system on the demolition laptop, plus software to migrate data at night, come back Friday install software, Saturday and Sunday you can see small round friends. But the SF ah, until this morning, and only then to the hard hand and said good the next day was it?

So plan was completely disrupted, plus this weekend frenzied teacher left so much work, there are small round Akemi flame was afraid not see the (really particularly like Akemi flame). But then, any errors there must have, today Taobao brush when the accident buy ammonium nitrate! ! ! Little do they know that I find you have to look for ammonium nitrate how hard ah! Most stores have ignored me, I did not reply to a small number of shops, as well as a shop and I have a big opening at $ 55 a pound, excuse me? I have this 55 to buy silver nitrate, ammonium chloride and then become good 2333 ammonium nitrate sensitive experiments can not easily point made of silver chloride, silver salts do. Before thought about buying calcium ammonium nitrate, ammonium carbonate or bicarbonate and then precipitate out calcium inside, but no calcium ammonium nitrate for agricultural use AR, afraid there are impurities, mixed with magnesium powder together in case a miracle happen?

Also on imitation M84-style shocker, I intend to use water as the initial trigger, and the principle is probably a mixture of magnesium powder with water dripping silver nitrate, like, very bright, I tried, but requires fine magnesium powder must be pure, and silver nitrate appropriate you can mix this powder first drop of water immediately initiate the reaction, there is talk in this crazy chemical series. Silver may be too expensive, so I used ammonium nitrate as a substitute, but I think it should be the same principle. The late, it will be like gunpowder ignited it, or take into account the actual use, if a group of people chasing you in the back, you took a powder, remove the dropper, put the powder in water dripping on the floor, clearly inappropriate 2333 @ freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, said electronic firing head or green safety fuses. Amoy treasure did not find the fuse, only to find electronic ignition head, but some worry that things can suddenly ignite magnesium powder, because the final grain dry powder, such an action would also be a problem how to initiate the reaction, I think even M84 shocker and should not directly ignited magnesium powder. So these have yet to be tried but words say, I could not soak in the laboratory every day, nor do I have no laboratory. Suanlaisuanqu can be used to test the time did not seem much, road resistance and difficult ah.

Read, read a sudden whim, and quickly go to Taobao to buy 50 electronic ignition head, thought for a moment with a little set up this stuff as an application fuze in actual combat, the feeling is not very tricky, but compared to powder my own doing, then it is fly more, I do not want this life to do with my own things to do gunpowder and then thrown out of the hands after the trigger. Shell made since the Spring Festival I have an insight into the power of my own doing gunpowder, if not control it properly, booooooom! Bomb in the hands of 2333 how to play this way with cheaper STC15F104 such a low pressure SCM (2.4-5.5V) with button batteries connected in series, a little put forward a delay circuit, like the cost is not very high, accounting down imitation of a M84-style shocker cost should be around 30 yuan?

If the change is for smoke bombs, the cost of the delay circuit constant, can complete a 20 yuan. I feel this is the privately-made arms to the rhythm of the water meter checked, ah 2333

So no matter how that money is really very important, recent buy money funds all fell in real mother did not even know, to buy over and ammonium nitrate ignition head, Alipay will not have a penny. However, jin jin magnesium ammonium nitrate, plus the rest of the sugar and the last experiment catty kitchen inexhaustible supply of corn starch, it should be enough for me to play for a while in the 2333 As these things can dim, that time re-issued it. Also imitation M84-style shocker idea entirely because they are aware and curious Homura Akemi use of this weapon in the play. Think big night, this thing tied to the back of the car, walked out of electronic ignition, smoke bombs and more stimulating ah replaced 2333 big day also, just so some air pollution, Beijing itself is enough heavy haze I still do not put a good smoke.

Above, as a summary of the current situation. Time is not late, began to write the time is eleven pm Saturday, Sunday actually sent out around 0:15 it, most of the time thinking about how to make a practical thing with these things. Well, then you and good night.

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