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Wednesday on June 24th, 2020Other

The following first appeared in my circle of friends. Phone release, so the layout strange, hope understanding.

Eyes closed forget to give yourself a head to bed before life

16.5 years old this year, it seems to me to live a nearly sixty years. This stuff has been thrown dream, useless. Wanted to do was have a big room study natural language processing and machine learning peace of mind. Occasionally, and then engage in a little gadget or something. Neither scholars consider the kind of life every day to write papers, I do not want to become like nine to five mediocre programmers. I never thought career, just want to comply with the idea of ??doing heart muscle. And then followed up with a desire to make a next want to do. But the reality is I was poor and silly and ugly, we can not rely on face to eat you can not rely on father hanging open. In the end I had to bow to life - do not write papers who give money? Working for other people who do not give money? No money how to live? Yang still alive back to the mountains?

So in my opinion Na, or the day only to encounter Chubby, make a wish, wish that life what so and so who got his wish peace, or on their own to put forward can override entropy, can control the magic of time, then set under contract to become horse monkey shochu save the world. How wonderful 2333

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