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Tuesday on June 9th, 2020Other

Call, Part II also comes to an end, the next step is waiting for the third part of it. But a few days ago to see me on Steam Alice in dissonance released a fault - SILENCE THE PEDANT the DEMO version, as usual I do not like to play DEMO, how can faith be called DEMO version of it? True faith is to wait for the fourth quarter 2017 release ah! The new release of this work is said to be the time fell back five years before the first work, introduce time thing, but I still like the story progresses backwards, because I'm fine Qilitenuo finally how kind ah. Alice in the hands of dissonance than simply that of scissors scissors in the hands of radio and television are also powerful 2333 whether the first or the second part, have stopped short at the end of the climax of the whole, and obviously the audience want more gentlemen behind climax after the thing is ending ah! The second part is inside Lite Na abducted undead do not come back, ah, you called me what to do?

Well, anyway, I liked this game of 2333, whether the story or the characters language, characterization, or background settings are also just right. As for how well, I will not boast, you play it yourself. Steam has a genuine, taking advantage of summer deals quickly cut a wave of the hand, or the last three wave can also be mixed Aunt 2333

Then there are the old rules, shot put, and I think throughout the whole drama of Princess Li Gang Purcell Fei Ni character and personality mix after really subtle. Both Ligang blood as decisive, but also delicate and Meng Fei Ni Purcell points. Without further ado, or Figure it 2333 (Steam should give me a shot to play the game more than xx times accomplishments 2333)

You see, I said what was it, the princess Ligang will not say stupid virtue of it. Whatever the outcome is also incredible character, "silly virtue" okay?

Fuss people are able to write something new every day, and it is rare. Ah, I say my novels have not been updated in a long time. I almost forgot to write what the 2333 Incidentally Well, it almost written text adventure game page, so I quickly bought a reason for writing software (which I probably spend it

To tell the truth, although I hate politics, but the princess Ligang political achievements in this area really made me admire.

I think the main public Ligang told us is not hesitant, I feel the pain, and went to fight it; regret, and went to fight it! Old minced hesitation, finally can not become something.

There are people who want to have a big news.

Princess Li Gang is actually covered in uppercase decisive ah 2333 although it is based on so many people experience, experience and plan on the basis of 2333 in the end is a little envious ah.

what? Fire magic? Instant explosion? I can do it too! (Handheld potassium sodium alloy me says)

Yu's home in dictionary to express joy, only the "2333" four number also tonight? I do not know how many I deleted "2333" before issuing to this article

Forward there is no outright fool, a fool and do not think twice and forward it. Whether good or bad, are the latter is easier to color.

Bad contempt will have to come to the fore, when the decline of every revival, it certainly fight back in case of abuse. Abuse and ravaged again and again, constantly solitary despair, but also continue to comprehend. Burnout ...... ...... agreeable perception of these solitary long forgotten.

The middle a little, mainly because the story did not spare some shots too critical

Just look at the circle of friends, there was a language teacher to teach hair circle of friends, he referred to the Chiang Hsun things. Said Chiang Hsun with students, blindfolded into the markets, smell the air mingled with the smell of fish, tore strips of cloth blindfolded, see the Department, are very clean and tidy, do not see this is the fish stalls . That moment, Chiang Hsun said he had a feeling of sad. "If a fish is a body, if it is already gone, why does it smell also left behind?" I think this question is also very good if you want a simple answer: thermal motion of molecules. Fishy molecules to escape from the slime of fish body into the air and then captured by receptors on human nasal cavity, it becomes smell.

But if to say that literature and art, so-called leaving a person too, Yanguoliusheng. Even if it is not going to live in Kashmir, even unknown commoner family, at least in someone's mind to leave traces: Iraq had confirmed this was a world gone through.

Coincidentally humble in this world, seeing the kinds of herbs will become, but it happens to be the Society pounded the chaos. And Lu Yan also in this shot. Do not forget your people, but robots ah 2333 applicator on the knife, so what? You stabbed people, people one second twenty thousand eh! You keep people than power? But the last generation of mining people with robots, so that the rest of 2333 and finally sold aphrodisiac old man, the old man suddenly threw several stone staged a big bang. Princess while he was weak with the latent spirit looked at his brain. It is a world line:

Had Ligang choose to do evil all the pharmacists told Saul, Saul furious, killed up to a pharmacist, but they got from the brother and sister duo of despair - because that pharmacists do unethical things, delayed Mir's condition, as long as the original start some medicine can cure, it just dragged late, incurable stage. And all of this, all Ligang somehow triggers able to meet future spells and see. When she instantly wake up, perhaps because people see a dark side, so Ligang will have shaken, the original Purcell Fei Ni consciousness only gradually to the fore.

The last thing Saul Mill brother and sister live in the house was thrown out of the pharmacist Stone burned, finally kinds of herbs are all burned out, but fortunately no people were injured. Previously used to open the big news out of the book, the brother and sister to see everyone's reactions. As Li Gang said, is a thing done Association and some few angry people, and if we unite, the status quo must be able to be improved.

For this reason, strong fluctuations in the emotional wake of consciousness Purcell Fei Ni. Talking, it is no longer classical, tone suddenly changed.

Following eight generations Spirit, seen of eight generations of kings of mankind dirty ugly all concentrated in Purcell Fei Ni hearts, how many there are that many desperate move there, this sentence makes me think of the magic circle. Although seen in the ED is not a good ending - Mir eventually died - the rest of the story can be forced warm heart health.

In the just-ended positive, which is described in the staff list of things. Because the princess and met Lu Yan, a pedestrian, he was able to come out from the reality of despair, although Mill sister passed away, but this world there are many people suffering from the same illness. So he did not defeat her sister's death, but a harder planting herbs, herbal Chiang distributed to the hands of those who can not afford medical treatment, as they bring hope. At this point, a surge of wind will be a beautiful and peaceful rise here. - Although ED is not a word, but I think this place is because Ligang former road to prosperity and become more advanced, whether institutional or material life, even if it takes a long time, but once started, this gust become unstoppable, there is always a national day this place will be where it was before the princess and peaceful and beautiful. Perhaps this is what we are for peace across it, if it can achieve the ideal of communism, that kind of society will become what? Even out of reach, and yet full of expectations.

And after the game, the title screen has changed, after Saul became a grown up.

So far Fault series came to a close. At this moment there are still a warm heart unspeakable difficult. As for the release of a new chapter need not worry about missing, because Steam will always send me an e-mail alert my 2333 game concerned about the market, and wish list in the discount game, and find ways to drain my money so I could have 2333 You do not have to worry about missing this kind of thing.

Well, that's about all the.

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