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Will go to the market on

Sunday on June 21st, 2020Other

From today, the company holiday four days. Children in September to get on the large classes, and his wife prepared to resign and stay home with the baby, mom and dad on my side to help children housekeeping, help for three years, they are very hard. Mom also home to a long time I wanted to live, after all, a reason South North a reason, customs, and other circle of friends, and many other aspects.

Dad was a restless person will do something on my side, earn a little money. Once officially resigned his wife, Mom and Dad will go back to the Shanxi home, and I sometimes feel that the elderly are also too cruel, do we feel younger parents owe too much.

Mom said that after Dad home, you can have time to consider selling some electronic sphygmomanometer or something like that, on the one hand subsidies point home, on the other hand something to do. Because rural home in Shanxi, and still retains the customs nearby village fair catch Council. Go to the market will still be on some rural people's leisure and shopping activities, in fact, with some streets are now inside the city of stalls and other activities is somewhat similar, just go to the market activities in the rural village by the words of a few days, alternating fills several other more specific the day is called rush will, generally will rush to a village once or twice a year, will be much larger than the scale quickly, usually when the catch will be close to friends and family came to visit the party day.

My parents bought two blood pressure monitors, a home in Shanxi, the other side in Fuzhou, the two devices are not expensive, with all the good, simple and easy to operate, a few years ago when his parents bought lamented this is a good thing, if placed on the market should not sell the rural poor, especially now that we all pay attention to health, the family bought the equipment market has become a matter of course, the rapid advance of Internet and Internet shopping because many things are flying into the homes of ordinary people, the parents want to sell these small devices rural market opportunity is, after all, there are a lot of people do not experience network to buy it. After all, this stuff is still very cost-effective universal worth to you.

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