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Fuzhou primary and secondary power rankings

Tuesday on June 23rd, 2020Other

Fuzhou best elementary school as follows (for reference only):

Drum Tower District a good school: 1, Qiantang Primary School, 2, Gulou two small, 3, Osan Elementary School, 4, Gulou a small, 5, Fuzhou Experimental Primary School, 6, a school to teach hospital, 7, school to teach hospital two, 8, Gulou experimental Primary school, 9, Drum tower five small, 10, Lakeside elementary school

Taijiang good school: 1, the masses Road Primary School, 2, Taijiang three small, 3, taijiang a small, 4, Taijiang Experimental Primary School, 5 Industrial Road Primary School, 6, domestics Road Primary School,

Preferably primary Cangshan: 1, primary top wheat, 2, Normal Fuxiao, 3, Cangshan primary, 4, Nantai Experimental Primary, 5, Cangshan Experimental Primary, 6, jinshan primary, 7, a small cangshan, 8, Cangshan two small, 9, central Primary school gates, 10, Guo house central Primary school

Jinan primary zone is preferably: 1, a small Jinan, 2, like Park primary, 3, two small Jinan, 4, Jinan three small, 5, Jinan learning correction Fuxiao, 6, the central primary gushan

Mawei District a better school: 1, horsetail Experimental Primary School, 2, Sophomores attached elementary school, 3, Ting Jiang Central Primary School, 4, Luo Star Elementary School, 5, LANGQI Experimental Primary School

Fuzhou urban learning environment is the best and Cangshan Gulou District.

The best ranking junior high school three animal husbandry (the absolute first), Yan'an Middle School (public first), 19 (second public), 18 (public third), the era of high school (private two), Warren High School (private c) other good: the first high school, Yangqiao school, Pingtung High school, Chinese High school, in November, in the eighteenth and Foreign Language middle school, High school dawn.

Fuzhou, the provincial standard school (the other is not listed) at the provincial level standard school 10: 1 in Fuzhou (190 years history), an absolute first in Fuzhou, Fujian Province is also the first. 2. Fuzhou III (60 years history) 3. Fuzhou in eight (150 years history) 4. Normal High School (125 years history) 5. High School Fuzhou (55 years history) 6. Fifth Fuzhou, known Fuzhou Polytechnic School (160 years history) 7. Fourth Fuzhou (100 years history) Fuzhou 8. II (95 years history) in a Fuqing 9. 10. in a Changle.

Two standard provincial school 19: Pingtung High School, Eleventh Fuzhou, Fuzhou 48 Middle School, Chinese High School Fuzhou, Fujian Normal University High School, Fuzhou Foreign Language School, a middle Minhou Minhou II, Three Minhou, Minqing a medium, Fuqing Second, overseas Chinese in Fuqing, Fuqing three in a in Yongtai, Changle overseas Chinese, even in a river, even Jiangshang De middle school, a Pingtan in a luoyuan in.

Three standard school Province 29: Fuzhou copper coil secondary schools, Education College High School, High School Affiliated Minjiang University, Fuzhou Second High School Attached to College of Education, in Fuzhou Jinshan Campus, Fuzhou seventh middle school, high school tenth Fuzhou, Fuzhou tenth five secondary schools, Fuzhou fortieth high school, middle school Gushan Fuzhou, Fuzhou Gushan Polytechnic school Campus, Fuzhou Ting Jiang secondary school, Minqing II, Minqing High school, Fuqing City middle school, high school Fuqing Yu Yang Fuqing Yuanhong High school, Fuqing mountain High school, Wing Tai II, III Yongtai, Changle II, VII Changle, Changle High school, Secondary school Lianjiang, Lianjiang fifth middle school, Chinese High school Lianjiang, Lianjiang yellow as secondary schools, Pingtan Chengguan middle school Luoyuan national secondary schools.

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