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VR time has come

Sunday on February 23rd, 2020Other

A few days ago the end of the 17th Shanghai International Auto Show, almost half of the exhibition are set VR brand experience zone, as a three-dimensional design enthusiasts, nature will not miss these two experiences. 2016, the first year the industry called VR, VR time has come.

Changan Automobile VR experience zone is the longest I stayed. This may be an ordinary consumers do not like the experience, not the high-speed high visual impact experience, but with OEMs or other products needed by the enterprise virtual experience, I talk the most is the Wu-hyun and one yard of agricultural science and technology . Because it had a lot of common topics and business needs, I believe the near future, VR will gradually penetrate into our lives, the car home and other media have begun to 360 Virtual tours car integrated announced its site above, class decoration enterprises for this also is a rigid demand, the traditional Internet companies NetEase also playing AR, the booth above shows a name of "insight" in App, a three-dimensional capturing to do good, in fact, just said "Disney Tour "which is also a greater sense of VR. Think of something, what is real and what is virtual.

What is reality and what is a dream, not virtual, not life.

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