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Destiny stone door

Thursday on January 28th, 2021Other

It is sorry for half a month. I am sorry, "this is the sound of", "I didn't insist on it. During the time, I reviewed the ice fruit. Today, I read 25 episodes (24TV + 1OVA) stone door, and I was very fast. Idy. However, I saw that the end of the life was alive, the man found all people on the new world like a rogue, no one died, can see such an ending, I am also peace of mind.

This series has written eight articles. I feel that I have written it again. I can't write a copy of the article, maybe I am not suitable for writing articles. It is a programmer who is not good and social. Stay at home, you have to go to classmates, you have to do this here, it is better to write code, write a few practical technical stickers. . . But I'm telling, how many months didn't write technical post. . Ok, I will try it as much as possible in the summer vacation.

In fact, I have many ideas when I see the stone door, I want to share it with you, but even if I just read OVA, I opened the Lofter, and there were many emotions and no more thanked. . . However, this is the only thing I have to cry, or sometimes it is very touched, sometimes it is scared by this. In fact, I was refused. I haven't used the first episode, and a large piece of white, a large piece of white, and it seems that it feels very hesitant, let the time I feel very uncomfortable, so I feel very uncomfortable. Decisive drag into the recycle station. I recently put a summer vacation, I don't want to write a homework. Every day, I stayed at home, so I downloaded the 1080P plug-in version of the 1080P. Under my curiosity. In fact, it is very depressed at the beginning, and the feelings of Another are not quite the same. I developed to them to successfully create a time machine (temporarily and calling it) and have to hold a celebration, I feel okay, after this, I will start crying. , Crying, sometimes the recall of sending traffic people when I have been withdrawn from D-mail, but more time is the same as the unlimited loop, I have been screaming, I have a collection of one episode. I have been shrouded by a kind of inexplicable and powerful fear, that is really bad, and that I have not afraid of the school * I am not afraid of the school *. Going to now, I feel the fear for the first time, probably because it is too much.

* About the school, it is not flat, just bringing a little explosive to the school tried the water, because there is someone in the school, so I won't blow it.

In fact, I have never been willing to believe that the language teacher said, there is always a feeling of metaphysics, but sometimes it is really a good test. Say everyone is because there is inherent links, then the feeling of things that happened today and the door of Destinum, let me feel the amount of information, is this also the choice of the door of the destiny? Today, my mother said that I will help her, so as for the law, it is like a cupping, but, the jar will pull it from top to pull down, this, I don't know if she appears from this way, I don't know if there is any use, add big summer, I will sweat, let alone this kind of thing, I don't want to sweat, so I refuse. So I don't know how my mother is crying. After my father enters the house, I don't know what happened. I am so sensitive person, I don't know what it is. After crying, I started to say that I "I only want myself", I said it is right, I don't know when I started, I didn't cover it, and the worship of the wounds was often a thing. Most are those other than friends. Not very careless, including parents. The above is a thing. Another thing is that today's friend's computer blue screen has been a few times, because the hard disk (is not wrong, or writing a friend mentioned in the overall view in the past few days, "friends" on my website can appear, except that he should No one else is 2333). When I mentioned a hard disk to him, he refused, no matter what I said, even if it is built, "I don't have any use here", he still refuses. At that time, he gave him the information on the hard disk after the idea was expressed, ready to take it, but no matter how I said he refused. I really don't understand, why, I am clear because everyone is a friend, I will want to help, even if I am now economic constraint, the hard disk is probably very tight, but I just want to give you, I don't care. I have read the stone door today, I feel better after crying several times. I saw a message when I saw 24 episodes, I have never given a message after he said to refuse. The content is about classmates, "XXX is sorry to find me to bring things", "I ran, actually I took a picture of Dr.Pepper in an anime, he looks like this. There is a shadow, anyway, I like to drink. It is probably being scared away, then I will run the article.

So, if it is the first time you have chased people, you can brush your friends (we are brutal), I don't think there is any current thing. If you will be a little about your own hormones, you will not be like this glass now. At that time, I claimed to tempered glass heart, and now it is. If you don't do XXX, you will not be zzz, so that the law (forgive set of stone door 2333), the inevitable event directly guided, who is also hiding. So I always escaping, I always found some very happy, I have never dared to look directly at all, until today is scared by the stone door, there is a loss of courage to reveal my change. So writing a writing that turned into a complaint. Sure enough, I am not suitable, but what can I, I will write 2333, you bite me.

So, here is the end, I think this is one of the best runs, there is no stone door, which is probably because it is scared, so I don't dare to mention the plot. But, those women in the play are good, I like it! ! ! There is also the paint of the shrine, even if the boys are still cute, I want to take him home. \ ( )<

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