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Yang Zongwei's song Wandering

Thursday on January 28th, 2021Other

"I am a singer", I occasionally, I have to see that this program is still very sophisticated. It is difficult to think of mango platform, the singer is still very powerful, especially the expression of the audience, perhaps everything It looks very fake, haha! This "Wandering" I haven't heard it before, and even Yang Zongwei's song has never heard a few, but there is no doubt that he interprets this song very well, it is easy to touch our nerves, before Lin Zhixuan "did not leave "Let me be very shocking, this" crossed "makes me very moved.

This singer singer is Bayai Panai, not Ji Xiaoli, is said that her "Pulling Doll" album is very good, it is the highest album of Taiwan female creators, the first classic, go back to listen!

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