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The meaning of the exam

Friday on December 25th, 2020Other

Two days ago, I will test the long distance and road test. Everything is still very smooth, long-distance is from I here to Zhuhai, the road I opened to Zhuhai, the road conditions are better, there are very few cars, Tranquate all the way! However, the speed is not fast, it is 50 or so, when you encounter red lights, the stop is still not very good, Zhuhai is boring, and two college students watch TV in the hotel, it is still late for the next day. I was told by the coach.

The next day, it is high-speed from Zhuhai back to the high speed. Maybe the coach wants to rush back, I will come back in the two hours. The afternoon test will try, about 6, 7 cars, all the way, this time It is the location of the traffic police sitting in the co-pilot. I have 6 people in this car. Three men and three women. The results are hung up. They are both men. They have always heard that each car will catch one or two people, and mainly grasp the male Fortunately, I didn't catch me. However, I forgot to play the right turning light when I stopped, and I was said that the other is good, the two people hanging one is a fault belt, the other is when it is open. Fire, but 5 people in our car spent 250 bought "insurance", if not, you can make you through other ways, it is 250!

Now there is still the last resilience and civilization, the fastest will you have next month, okay, continue, etc., no need to drive anyway.

I actually forgot the newspaper. In fact, I don't know the exam time. I have already put the position out, and I know the specific application time, but this year's position is not particularly good, but I feel that I am ready is not very good. So dragging to the time to give time, this is indeed a little uncomfortable, spending a few days before I calm my kindness, my friend told me, forget it, I have a chance, people don't want to stick to it. . I graduated, but I was more attractive than before, I feel that it is to make up for the waste of our university!

Suddenly didn't have a test, I feel fine, so much? What should I do? I am bother! How do you happen? Think about it or continue to read the book, this year, I will prepaid the country test, sometimes I really think I am not going to take the exam for the interior, but enjoy the process of preparing, because this process makes me have a little busy, let me feel ourselves It is still a bit right thing to do, the result is not so important! After passing the time, consider going to test an electrician certificate.

However, there is also good news recently, that is, I have participated in that training (work needs), in fact, in order to take a certificate, but must pass the national examination, in the flower test, 84 points, our class is the highest It is 90 points, before I have a second, the result is a thousand years old, but this time I estimate the 5th 6th, there is no way, I have always played a general in key exam, since 60 Qualified, since there is a lot of people still don't have time, I will be content!

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