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Movie metamorphosis Prince and do not laugh cat

Friday on August 14th, 2020Other

I think this series is entirely possible to continue, so the audience lords like the series, then please leave a comment also make a tour of what it, thank you for it

A few days ago to Jiangxi travel study tour, so I can not make up time fan, the other does, because a lot of downloading Fan 1080P (from vcb-s tablet group) before you go, however, and no subtitles, so come back up after an afternoon this.

Under several department Fan, except that there are subtitles. So we look at this. Point to open a hidden barrel heard the sound of the month will feel very familiar, the first reaction is Yui Ogura voice. Since when did see "Heaven's Memo Pad" Alice's voice is particularly soft feeling, especially nice! ! ! So I think Yui Ogura kind of soft voice, speech rate faster relatively calm, especially for the kind of relatively cold with relatively high cold (not so to speak) role. So like Alice, tube hidden This month it feels great role. A month of the start tube hidden cat did before the exchange with God, Yui Ogura with the sound becomes somewhat inappropriate, but after just great friends. My personal words favorite Hanazawa coriander and Yui Ogura's voice, Hanazawa coriander to Amano away the child with sound, my natal na ~ male character is into the wild freedom of the matter, but also to the text less with sound, Inoue leaf.

Then talk about the drama of it, the following sections involve spoilers, gentlemen please the audience eating appropriate. The story is that God has two cats, a cat is a call, the exchange is a cat. Summon barrel cat is hidden in warehouses that big cat, the cat is, after the exchange of the little hill. Summon the cat will realize the aspirations of the people, but people do not want is a way to achieve, but you do not need to exchange something the cat sucked transferred to people in need. So the beginning of the month in the sun and the mountain meet in front of the cat turned in his exchange of pleasantries and expressions. What happened then, Yang people back their courtesy, and yet turned into a meat bun month of his face to his sister. Despite the loss of face, but he has no regrets, so everything will be fine friends. The remaining thing is that it revolves around a cat god, but there is a line that runs through the whole of the male Yang Fan who do not remember the last thing in the final episode (hereinafter serious spoilers) crew uncover the truth - a child Yang people to hand over their sisters barrel hidden memories - Secretary aunt, the sister of the mother tube hidden memories. Online a lot of people say that this outcome be completed on schedule, but I think it was really sweet to see the last episode, when really tears ran. So be solved if it is not bad. At least a happy ending, very good.

Male host said a word, called:. "Let the girls smile is difficult, but it must not mess with the girls cry if a girl crying in front of you, be sure to help her, not even a big smile from you the mind must be able to communicate. "so suddenly thought yesterday on the train, a sister in our class because they missed another trip on the train so people crying, I was half-way blending in, but probably also know how the back thing. My friend a man surnamed Zhou (hereinafter referred to as Z-jun) to comfort her, but sometimes I really could not understand some of his behavior, such as ways to persuade people. Others say scripts, but also forced himself to safety, this approach I particularly do not like, even a little bored, I do not, and will not allow others to do so. So even if I can not have friends endure. This piece is to highlight how their own how miserable and this win people's sympathy and trust, which is a psychological technique, which is called the routine, I do not like this kind of thing, especially a good friend of his. So use this method to cotton, maybe he was wont to do, because he usually would say this to me. But I always feel that this approach is boiled chicken soup with others of their own embarrassments and then take the matter to other people drink. Guan Dele moment to mind I, so my habit is to go straight to speak their hardship is located, and then give a solution. Z Jun way like to give a patient pain medication, my words like a surgery patient surgery, although painful but very effective. So this I and Z Jun regarded as a point of conflict it happened, I had been before, then it does not matter, you are happy to be treated like mentality Z Jun, but this time he felt that I came to destroy the atmosphere, and finally I also scaring away , so I really can not put up with. This is the first time angry after high school. You different ways I deal with the problem, but really do not insist, even to this, they have to be able to have something propped himself. I insisted I was able to observe details and previous experience. And you have nothing, for nobody wanted to open my heart, all things are subjected to own one, who do not want to talk. Maybe you talk too, but that person is not me, but it does not matter. Opinionated to be divided, the observation of detail is the positive solution. So so many reckon Z Jun can not see. So holding a watching something like a barbarian mentality expressed leave any point, wrote these words. Fan Ye Hao up to write the text, are nothing less than to give myself something to dry boredom, so as not to think of what a retired and sit, and then kicking yourself miserable.

Well, finally, thanks to the readers or gentlemen can see the end point to open the full text. But even if no one, then I will continue writing it, for that piece of pure land in mind, some of what you want to express to the world. As the "Notepad of God", and silently screaming to God. I will silently toward this world screaming, screaming my displeasure, screaming injustice to me, screaming my heart out. Now the world is changing so fast that we barely see each other's face, not enough time to open your heart, and you will turn away. Finally, the last, no longer willing to plague the world, we are safe right.

But really speaking, if disease and disaster are gone, we really honest Along? Not like "Clockwork gods" that right? I just want to be friends Z Jun carefree, really so difficult? The world must take me into hard-hearted to the point where it?

I am not happy.

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