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Tuesday on July 28th, 2020Other

Sometimes, a person will really like the fans, like, so you know what to do, I admit that I have never had such anxiety as it is today. Like the "Midian", like the humming this melody, I Fucai also wrote lyrics for some, perhaps all over.


Lonely quiet waited at home

I am waiting for your news

I do not know how to face you

I do not know how to continue

Blossoming clouds floating in the sky

I hope you appear there

Maybe I can not capture your whereabouts

Because of this we are on a stranger

I thought I saw you that shallow smile

Like a beautiful flower blooming with flowers

You are always in good faith reveal to anyone

But why such indifference to me

Maybe one day you will suddenly understand

I understand all this really is not scheduled

Perhaps there will be no intersection between us

Maybe this is fate

Does not matter does not matter does not matter

Because I really do not mind it

Thank you so be it good-bye

Never have worried about

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