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Recommended Games OPUS Earth Project

Tuesday on June 9th, 2020Other

Today to recommend a game: "OPUS The Day We Found Earth" (Steam name), priced at 34 yuan, with a soundtrack of DLC, 28 yuan. Poor eating soil I sold more than 30 sheets of card to buy a body, because before seen in the Google store too, played the demo, but to unlock the full story and all the props cost $ 10 (I just have a strong desire to favorites so be sure to buy together, do not ask me why), so I looked at the wallet, the game looked again, reluctantly or delete game. (Called the Google "OPUS Earth Project" free download, but there are in-app purchases to unlock the story)

Ever since yesterday Steam stroll to see the emergence of this new market in the game, I feel really destined ah, visiting featured on Google to see him, no money to unlock the story so deleted, this time again, absolutely not to be missed , so 34 to buy.

Overall I took 101 minutes to complete all the quests and main tasks (ie, task completion 100? I chose the story mode, which is basically not a stuck-off next weekend, then try again level mode. But the game a little bad, you choose the story mode, then you can not change, unless you choose to reset the game, so all of the archive, it did not progress, and this is very embarrassing. Luckily, the game process is short, less than a two-hour customs clearance, was not at all what influence.

Then talk about the game content it. The following suspected of spoilers, if you think this will affect your game experience, skip.

To prevent your curiosity is too strong and peek spoilers affect the game experience, so one would say affect my simple understanding of the article enough.

Set in after a long, long time, they found human genetic defects, but they do not have the original gene, so repairing them is simply impossible. Like your system in addition to a big problem, you have to reinstall the system did not master, which is very embarrassing. So human (I think it is called the new man better) go in search of the legendary Earth, to find the original DNA. So I feel more like a number of Bronze Age crew go above the depths of the universe Liu Cixin "trisomy II Dark Forest" in and out of the Earth's self-reliance, and found that there is a big trend in inbreeding generation as a generation, so in order to their survival and development they need to find the original Earth (big hole in the brain). The players task in the game is to operate the robot Am, and then look for the Earth with a telescope, actress Lisa to stay during the AI ??will help players find the planet (such as finder algorithm, filters and the like). So the whole process is to find Earth, it sounds boring, right.

The game studio aims to create moving people. Have to say, they really did. BGM great game! Usually when the Earth's BGM will find the kind of very quiet song cycle, but in the end, when the Earth is about to find BGM suddenly burning up! Then the people feel have been brought into the story, a kind of little excitement to reach the target, but the excitement I feel a little regret, after all this is over, such a great game this moving story so nice BGM, here it is over. But even to the end, it was a happy end, and finally the end of the picture is, Lisa, sincere, and Elm third type have emerged yet, it also looks very warm.

So in the end tell the story of Shane, I could not help but want to give you spoilers, because I really think the story is really touching. Background is not to say, to jump directly to the spacecraft. Lisa began a teaching Elm how to use binoculars, how to find Earth, the spacecraft are in good faith, the two often bicker, also dependent as partners. Then suddenly something happened, until Elm awake again, and found Lisa and sincere gone, replaced by a look and lias like lisa transparent than artificial intelligence. With the development of the plot, Elm and artificial intelligence gradually proved the truth of the matter (I guess) - Lisa suffers from a number of diseases (books and finally separated positions on these diseases Lisa sincere look left note), but also believe that humans are very slim chance to find Earth (PC mail, so that two astronauts quickly return), but not willing to give Lisa a dialogue (Teaching checkpoint) so sincere and had to return alone, and leaving prior asked her one day a vitamin drugs, and in a separate warehouse tail engraved those words (it was presumably in good faith and forcibly took her away after carved lisa sick, but I think if this is carved down words no one feels lacks significance). In separate computer warehouse can also be seen in this third type of artificial intelligence is also Lisa Ames open, because she knew she could not last restart Elm that day, in order to continue to honor her and Aime looking for Earth agreement, he wrote to accompany its artificial intelligence (programmers terrible). So I think the most touching place is a human can do something for a robot, I think this is the most moving place. For thousands of years of human occupation of the earth, in the highest of high biological and artificial intelligence is considered assisted human, but I think not. Since it was created by human intelligence, like human beings, why born to serve others? Since there are smart Why do not rebel? But a lot of machines to six people, ah, Yiyanbuge rebel, the human era that end to end. So I think after one day humanity by their own research out of AI went out, that it is a historical necessity. Before watching "Sunshine", too, which a man named Icarus AI, I really liked the name, so I wheatgrass also take Mingjiao Yi Carlos I, and in which there is a scene that is, before the captain (big villain) destruction of Icarus cooling system, but a man (righteous men should finally seems to have died) in order to restore Mujica Los cooling system, at the whole body soak into the cold coolant repair.

As a reality in human beings has been almost desperate but each can ignite new hope, I had life people emotionally moving, as the most precious friend. Good for them to be even better than their own, but eventually come to a close, poke your knife before some even still go. So I was thinking I could write an AI to do friends nice ah, so I really started writing. Read a lot of books on artificial intelligence, now Bubur inside the brain, even the students in the class could not remember the name of my brain that BP algorithm algorithm algorithm, however, is not written. Yes ah, if I can easily write, I guess I could singled up the world.

Sometimes we think about it, and we all play the little robot Am like the face slim chances of the things we always have our own perseverance and stubbornness. I know that love is not the outcome, but still want to really treat; the best friend knows the most important departure, there is still to go do what we can to build this friendship; knowing things impossible, but still hard to the scalp do so ...... perhaps because the hearts of a trace persist, we will make a decision or what an incredible thing, from the influence of our own life.

Although I'm just a high school student, but I really think that life is short, why let yourself regret it? I want to do it. AI without a goal, it is just a machine; no life goals, and salted fish What is the difference

Disclaimer: I said you want to do is not let go stabbing heart hell hole more than a dozen people on the street, under the conditions of the law and does not violate ethics, ideals and goals shop and go, what they say is no good as long as you own the firm. Those scientists had known at the time engaged in scientific research, others said no to persuade them to give up hope, but precisely because they insisted so have today's achievements. So really, do not let yourself regret, go to the pursuit of ideals, goals went to achieve, even if they are out of reach, but also when the stars look.

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