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Friday on December 25th, 2020Other

At this moment, there is no song than the "" of Gala.

Time is at 1 am, sitting on the taxi, very small on the road, I blow, I like the car on the crossing road, because of particularly stable. I have a very strong drunk, bid farewell to this hustle and bustle, maybe the kind of noisy is not suitable for me, I am accustomed to himself, waiting in the quiet night, and is awake.

I am fortunate that I have not drunk it, but I am dumb, I sing is not good, but I still like the screaming, it seems that everything will be vented. Sometimes, life is really missed, when I said goodbye to someone, I know that we won't meet again in this life, we have a collection, but it can only become a once In life, we have met, it is a lucky! Over the body, between the eyes, people and people are so strange, sometimes it is really fast.

Many friends around me have a father, watching their changes, feeling is very strong, maybe I have already arrived old, what afraid, what afraid, ideals is illusory, wife and birth, mortal is escaped , I have been invented, you will be inevitable, so there is something that is nothing to persist.

I found that I am very quiet, and this love is very strong. I haven't had love for too long, I have forgotten what is love, how to love it. But love is a kind of motivation, love is a tired, all look at you.

A few days ago, I found a lot of my body, and I realized how important is health. The website has been a year, no way, this is the only way I remember, say goodbye to Weibo for a long time, WeChat also tired, how to place it, I should really think about it.

Drinking a cup of honey water, I seem to feel a lot of body, I hope that I don't want to be so cautious, bold, don't stay in love, don't worry about the thorns in front, I hope, you have you on the future, but at this moment Your companion is enough!

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