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Wonderful grab seven and my 2K

Monday on December 14th, 2020Other

This year's NBA finals are still very good. I saw James's moment. I was very excited. After all, this champion is not easy, just like commentator, everyone of this team has Overwed, but today, they proved that they were 52 years, and finally gave the city of Cleveland, the most critical is that James fulfilled his commitment.

This year's finals, the knight defeated the powerful warriors with the Warriors, especially the three points that Owen in front of the library. Although the Thunder I supported finally gave the Warrior, Durant is likely that it is not there next season, but sometimes I think this is the charm of basketball.

In fact, I want to say is NBA2K, haha, because in the game, I led the Thunder to achieve the record of 82 wins in the regular season, the first, who else? If this is in reality, it is really counter-sky, okay, then to play the season, NBA is over this season, and only in the game ~~

In the game, the three-bit over 50?f the game, the Thunder three brothers in the league were 123 in the efficiency list, because this is NBA2K13, so Harden is still in Thunder. Unconsciously, I also played 1640 minutes!

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