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Read the book The Emperor of the Emperor

Monday on December 14th, 2020Other

I spent three hours, I finally finished reading "the end of the emperor" today.

This is a large number of films who love Xinjue Luo-

On that day, only three years old, Yu Yi, was secretly called into the palace, and saw the Queen Cixi. After the Queen, I told the , this harem couldn't have a man in the evening. In addition to the emperor, even if you are a big child like you. I don't know if I'm understanding this. Subsequently, Cixi said, it is today, Guangxu has drove. Then, the booklet is a new 10,000th emperor. That is the 34th year of Guangxu, November 15, 1908.

Two weeks later, Jiyi Temple of the Temple. The stage is all the princes of the gutter. This is the case, and I saw this scene and turned back. Suddenly he heard the sound, this is a minister to take it on the body, the tipped , , the minister will give it a gift Give the emperor.

However, the subsequent facts suddenly, and the is no longer the rulers of China. Long Yu, Millennium, Xuantong, promulgated the "retraction", republican, and the emperor reserved, but only in the Forbidden City. That is the three years of Xuantong, and the AD will be on February 12, 1912.

The Beiyang warlord rushed away from the Forbidden City, giving his wife to the Japanese Embassy, ??and then returned to Manchuria, and the emperor was rediscoved. It can be a Japanese in manipulation. It is a child who has been like a white smoke. He is no longer a cloud of clouds, but he has a child of the emperor driver. I woke up, he understood his status and saw through the Japanese. After the surrender of the Trinity, Yu Yi was captured by the Soviet Red Army, detained in the Far East Special Detention Center. After the Tokyo trial, he was transferred to China until ten years after transformation. That is December 4, 1959.

This life of the is really a sleeper. I lost my ancestors left the rivers and left, and I couldn't keep the ancestor's mausoleum, I was used by the Japanese, but I wanted to rebuild the home country but laminated the home country, sorrowful!

But this is not the sorrow of modern China? The Chinese sorrow, the biggest sorrow. Once the defeat of the country, everyone slaughtered, and did not rush, it is really numb. Even now, how many people are also Meiyang!

I admire ancient emperors, appreciate ancient rule, although many people oppose, but they can't say its positive role. However, is not, although he is ruined, this country will quickly disintegrate, but he grew up, but he even has no reform!

There is a shot at the end.

The elderly bought a ticket for the Forbidden City, entered the Forbidden City, returned to this, he used to be his own place. After many years, he climbed the cloud order, came to the Temple, this is where he is crowned when he is three years old. He saw the dragon chair. He walked over and wanted to sit again. At this time, a young pioneer came, telling him not to pass, call him down. He turned back to tell the little boy he had lived here, the owner of this, the boy did not believe, asked him to evidence. I took the dragon chair in front of the instrument, looking forward to a bamboo pot from the back of the chair.

The boy took over and wipe it off, opened the cover, and climbed it out ...

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