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The movie Ice Cream

Friday on August 14th, 2020Other

what! The fourth pit! The record-breaking! ! ! I continue to update the longest series!

While not how good-looking, reckon very few people see, but still insist update down

After the 2333 fire in case it

Latecomer Note: Fire? Impossible in 2333 was closed on Lofter a force did not fire, individual website would also like fire? Tan [90 ]

Ever since the beginning, some less wind like this love story without the meat has a nice fan. From the beginning of the text less, to Another, to The Mystic Archives of Dantalian first few pit, Heaven's Memo Pad, and then to write this fruit ice today, we are very fond of it ~

To say it fruit ice, I already heard before. If the ice had heard of OST in the music phone comes with an automatic recommendation of APP, the wind that classical music is really nice. Later complement Fan has been on my list lying, because high school party does not have much time to make up Fan, not to mention there are a bunch of school activities, although Taro Bong want to go play like saving doctrine, but since I do not post this school committee Ken na. In fact, the whole drama finished up a long time ago, but Baidu to have a set of OAD, download to find no subtitles, subtitles lot of hard work to find today, found that turned out to be 11.5? Excuse me? ?

But then, the whole fan is still very good, I downloaded the vcb-s repression group 1080p 10bit sources + subtitles, and the poor are watching every notebook graphics card fan crazy turn. Good quality, style I like, the male is not handsome, but very nice, I like the care of the household long straight black (# manual funny), from the language and manners can see it is elegant daughter. As for the character, I think it should be the standard, there is an omniscient database Fukube's blog, there is a doctrine to pursue energy conservation field but could not stand the curiosity of one thousand anti-fold Taro Bong wood, there is a completely changed one thousand high school Bong Taro field of anti-love Rumi, of course, there is a supporting role, but I think it is a critical moment but essential role Ihara Maya flowers. The four men a little more than a feel awkward. Although I think the animation (fiction have not bought) spend at least Ihara Maya scenes, almost is to give Fukube Satoshi pair plus, but some plot or critical enabler of it. Such as club bulletin episode, Maya spend a librarian; that part of chocolate, flowers Maya also the protagonist, and a cooking contest that also happens to be essential. So this foursome really like it.

Everyone is very small, it can not change the world, but maybe change the people around you. Good scripts are set, all this is mostly to the good direction of development. And life is not the same, ah, good or bad behavior, only time can tell. So living in the moment is my purpose. Believe in myself, believe their reasoning, to see the fruit of ice time, the beginning is also forced to look ignorant, he was still able to keep up with the pace of the male, or simply the main man in the seat of your pants before inferred results.

So, I would like to say? Carefully observe people around me always showed any clues. Life is full of unpredictable people, under careful observation side, even if their reasoning is wrong, they can be prepared for how much, at least not let yourself be taken by surprise. And the other one, believe in yourself, as long as they think it is really worth doing, do it! Do not counseling! A moment of so-called rules and regulations and to give myself regret, think less value it (of course, this is not you go abetting murder and arson). Great people all day long spoke learn the comprehensive development, while strangling our hobbies and interests. I do not like this, so it will not bother them, I want to do, I am curious, you who could stop me. So wayward bought more than 10,000 servers run + video rendering pressing machine learning.

Finally, Next Issue: I saw the cherry village of Sange and students recommended Mi ceremony on the official website of vcb-s. So the next stage is likely to be one of these two do, I also like the cherry village ~

Finally, the last: offer vcb-s official website, there are a lot of resources to it, I really like pressing a group, whether or suppress subtitles group is not easy, we should not complain they do not suppress your favorite anime or translation of it, are unrewarding work, all relying on everyone to a second element of love, mutual encouragement so it ~

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