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Significance of subtraction

Wednesday on December 2nd, 2020Other

During this time, my mood is very bad, it is very unpredictable, it is not a variety of life, nor because of the preparation of the pressure, nothing, I am just a bit disappointing, and I also Thinking, thinking about you hesitating, these things have been troubled for a long time, I think my life will not say that there is no such thing as these things, I will be very hard, I will be very tired.

I remember that a friend said that I was a person who didn't make a force. I felt very right, a person didn't make a force to do something, it is very difficult to succeed, I think I didn't make a force, because I like something I like. Too much, I care too much, so I don't know what I should do, many things blurred my sight, so I am very confused, I can't find a piece. Things, try to do it, halfway, actually a waste, if you don't grasp it, don't do it.

Luo Dayou has the first song called "The future of the owner", and the next generation is a computer child. Luo Dayou is a prophecy master, and many of his songs have been obtained later, I remember that I have been in contact with the computer is probably five or six. At that time, I was interested in the computer at that time, all the way to the university, I didn't have a breakfast to the computer, and I would like to use a computer as a career, but I often love the same thing, you will find it like a sea The broad, you are like a boat, and you can't get a wind wave.

Some friends say that I am very good about the Internet, I think this thing is related to the accumulation. As long as you spend a lot of time for a long time, everyone will have a good tactile, and the touch is nothing more than you know. Many, you know very well for these things, such as several horses, but what is the use of me? It can't change my real life, it brings me no practical significance, but in contrast, I spend a lot of energy and time, I think this is also a waste.

The network does change this world, the network is also convenient for our lives, and even the way we communicate is also very different from before. I saw a news to spend someone in the past few times. After all, I was completely separated from the network, here In the past year, he did a lot of things, there were a lot of inspiration, but he returned to reality for one year. So, in this era, you want to completely leave the computer and network, this is a very unrealistic approach, although they affect your life, it costs your energy, but you can't say goodbye to them, because you can't get it off. society.

Every day we open Weibo, open a variety of social networking sites, open your mobile phone, all the news in the world can't wait to appear in front of you, suddenly feeling like a kind of information bomb, stuffed your brain, and The above various negative energy, various dissatisfaction, various sounds, various social problems, I think these will affect your emotions, tell the truth, these things are too far away from my life, I am not known, Not a literary youth, I am a very ordinary person, so I can't change these things. Since you can't change it, what is it? I saw that I will only make myself more angry, in fact, these negative energy will erode you.

I have seen a diary of someone's Douban, which is probably his attitude towards SNS, and he used the word. I almost registered all the Weibo in the year, I'm not tired, such as Sina Weibo, I started playing, but I gradually lost interest, I haven't been there for half a year, I haven't sent Weibo. Because I don't know what to say? You don't play Weibo, of course, will lose some social friends, and gradually be marginalized in this circle, but I think I have a little less, sometimes face the microblogging, constantly brushing Bo is also a bit obsession. In fact, it doesn't matter to our live life, but this is a style. Everyone is playing. Of course, some people will say, I hate a website, I go to Twitter, I go to G + In my eyes, they don't actually have more differences, so I think SNS is like the sea. There is no end, you are in a desperate boating every day, but you can never see the shore.

I think the computer is good, the network is good, they should not be a necessity of life, they should act like a teacup, only when you are thirsty, you will think of it. There is always a feeling that it is idle, you don't know what to do, you don't know how to do it, but you may find that you have ignored a lot of interesting things, ignoring your loved ones around you, but more What is important or you spend a lot of time, but you are not paying attention to yourself, it doesn't even have any help from you, sometimes it will affect your mood, why?

Think about yourself, the world outside, the world is helpless, in fact, there is nothing to do, it's really good! A friend said that try only to live today, maybe it is easy, I think it is right!

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