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Movie: Fleet Collection

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Other

Ah, finally the Fleet Collection read, heard that there is a film called "The Wild Blue Steel arpeggio," the fan, but there does not seem to see repression and subtitles group concerns me do this Fan, time to say it 2333 the first to fill the pit fill all 23333

I think this latest series of updates, all thanks to last year to see the Girls und Panzer, as Wu Jun Fan class play very classic - classic to the same grade never look like a history of liberal arts students of animation for the first time find themselves unable to see fall into the pit - Fan drama, I think it be for me to open the door to a new world. You can see from the series beginning out I have been looking at some of the daily classes, and then expand the point is suspense like Another, the occasional dead people what, or fruit ice, notepad God puzzle this Fan, Fan Jun and Wu class compared to these feelings it is to completely open up another piece of the field. If before seen these savages main peacetime routine [1] to the lyrical narrative, then, that military force is the fan in the battle to bring guns to render a spirit, and I think this daily drama class to be Fan convey a philosophy of life is completely different.

So since the last reading Girls und Panzer, inadvertently into the pit and universities fleet, the fleet began to college after reading the efforts of liver ship your mother, speaking today bet out of hibiscus, just remembered after 2333 Friday suddenly decided to go and see this animated Japanese militarism pornography web games, so we ran the VCB-s find resources. VCB-s is a good group to suppress it, though from the ship, not to suppress the video to see some style treatment group on the effect looks much better than them, but they look good ah Ye official website to find resources ah 2333 2333 there is a special forum can find the subtitles (although so far I have not found their teenage maid subtitle of this group's fan), so that some group of press resources is good enough, but no place to find ah, even publishing agreement with P2P , but it is not very easy to find, so I prefer something obvious.

As you can see, last night I watched the first three sets, because too sleepy, so do not hold to?, You wrote?. Meng one hundred and previously also seen some Tucao about the TV version, looks like the biggest moon in the third episode is the destroyer sank. Screenshot below:

Please pay attention to what the central hair accessories picture of the moon.

The background on this set drama fan, I think the biggest mystery is the deep-sea habitat ship, though the majority are able to put into the well at a foreshadowing of web games ship C "They are the enemy," the set but why would become enemies, he said at the beginning of the mother-ship deep-sea habitat repel bears ship's mission, this mission come from, this play does not seem to give a clear answer. So I went to see Meng one hundred. Meng one hundred says so:

Actually has proven to be the dark side of Mother grieving various ship sank after leaving because of the Allied position often play early and be mistaken for Union warships Mother.

Tanaka has said the ship deep-sea habitat creative ideas from two sides of the ship's sinking negative emotions crystallize.

And at the end of the final episode of a battle wafting up to be quite similar to the moon and tune the hue saturation hair ornaments floating up (below), which also confirmed the call on Meng hundred, deep-sea habitat is a variety of ship ship Mother sank after leaving the dark side of grieving, resentment of the more powerful, more like a human form, but unfortunately are facial paralysis.

In addition to the moon after sinking ship becomes deep-sea habitat has been sunk, I think there can Tucao place or with a lot, but it can also be said that I applaud official game in a static process (such as the canal and alterations) performance after adding details very image. But unfortunately, these figurative game details accidentally hit the official setting of the face, such as games set inside 4 canal, I am currently only opened two, and the animation was able to take a bath 6 (but if you look carefully, in fact, only four small pond next to the bath house are truly into the local drainage repairs). There is a final battle there, with regard to blowing snow, there is a large Japanese phoenix, as well as the reciprocal of the third episode Admiral suddenly dropped there.

My brain hole is this:


Tenth focus Mutsu asked Nagato: What are you worried about it

Nagato said: Why not just want to choose that ship Admiral Ship

Mutsu: You said blowing snow it seems that the child was transferred to Admiral also guarding the government it

Nagato: Although the number one destroyer of special ships, but in mobility equipment have nothing superior to others, even if large-scale transformation, should not produce any dramatic shift.

I think the most likely scenario here is the prefect formula with large phoenix out of the bet, the result opened out a blowing snow, so the Admiral not be reconciled, but they have run out of resources, so will all their hopes in the blowing snow body.

Admiral: I bet formula for large phoenix out of a snow blowing, you say why should I vote for her?

The emergence in the last Viceroy dropped and phoenix big there, I think it should go Admiral class gold resources to buy out Dajian go, and then suddenly white face gambling boat success.

But I've seen before and military force compared to Fan, Girls und Panzer is a game, college is the rescue fleet, and the fleet Collection is a real battle sense. But I think this little barbarian manifestations bound to the common form, can also look out through the plot arrangement, Episode sink a ship, the reciprocal of the third episode run a prefect, the last two episodes of the final battle on the line plus a prefect, finally Happy End perfect ending. In front of the positive film almost every episode one event, all events around the Raiders deep-sea habitat ship to carry, and with blowing snow as the hero, from newcomers to then become the flagship, and then upgrade to change, and finally then prefect where the task. But I think TV positives, OP and ED seem to do better compared to some of the few so this is my whole does not jump OPED.

But overall, still and past Fan play, I feel great, but I feel this drama fan spirit, the soul, I think mine is mine and the start of the third team almost. The so-called "do not violate the original mind, word, and strive to forge ahead," the soul of such mines, at the end of the deep-sea habitat ship repulsed when there are echoes Mother ship from various quarters. Akagi few nights before the attack have done a similar dream, they dream will fail, and fail miserably Moreover, history is always strikingly similar, from the play may be slightly read Once upon a time these ships Mother had lived through countless failure times, somewhere each of these forces are guided, constantly repeated attack, circulating such a defeat, until the special destroyer blowing snow brought a ray of hope.

Although the play did not specify what forces landing this guide is your mother, but I think it should be is the mother ship resentment of the mind share of their own life experience and responsibilities. I think probably most people in life should be no doubt why they should be the people, but in the low loss and will always subconsciously asking people why they do, a man so tired, have to work to go to school have to deal with less complex relationships and intrigues, even so is not enough, but also to follow the rules of society to feed themselves, if we suppress it, perhaps we will be like as Akagi sighed and said: this is the life. Then after a while the fate of countless tortured numerous times but defeat against fate, heaved a sigh of relief, then give up the fight, so let it be.

Indeed, as also Nagato said, wanted to rebel fate probably not so simple, before the success of numerous failures and the world again looks exactly the same line, they are actually a little bit close to the footprints of the final victory. Deep-sea habitat or the ship gathered since ancient times all enemy ships Mother resentment, society or before that aggressive society, but because of blowing snow for you to ship your mother bring confidence, it has become the key battle of Admiral mouth . Perhaps the success Sometimes things are not as long as the door to see how fighting, how mobility, but more critical is the mentality of the combatants, if they lose morale in the face of the enemy, give up fighting and go with the flow, if no one else come to the rescue, it might well have sunk. Lamented that can play like Akagi which is rapidly reforming mood after life, then give fate to blow, some things will always be successful.

So this is probably the reason I'm so fond of watching fan of military force, as it always gave me a honey convey confidence, and perhaps this is false, in three-dimensional society does not exist, is a bowl of chicken soup fake but to make their own face life with confidence and morale are not happy, this feeling makes me feel happy.


Finally paste from one hundred doggerel Meng said the driver the way it 2333 carrier aircraft are also feeling Meng Meng da.

Which pot back strong technology, Mu flags month to help;

Long Lu CP official recognition, no one block north Lily;

Six drive to sell Meng is fair or four silly expedition is the wave;

Xi Li To Two pro-daughter, owe mine to complete the reform Pharaoh;

Poor little angel moon, full of blood sunk burial waters;

Nothing else to open Dajian, Japan casually on a large phoenix;

Nagato to bath full of blood, but it is Michinoku voyeur;

Not left standing in the broken aircraft carrier catapult deck just continue;

Blowing snow after the expiration of the show, a gun wo sauce a king;

Aircraft did not hit nothing to do, to help his teammates handed sword;

Poor Wudeng all non-mentioned, two phase, as watery;

Tanaka is the most Zeixin bone, the heavens opened outside the mother fly unparalleled.

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[1]: In fact, that is the daily peacetime, Another possibility can not be considered on the inside, on the other hand I like to define the daily drama fan might like magic circle, beyond the boundary of such inclusions fighting and the daily drama Fan , I can not give a clear classification, so here we look like a little knowing, in my opinion each Fan drama department are a collection of many different elements, then rub together tell the story of his right, so in fact to each Fan drama department is not a very appropriate classification is correct behavior. - I note.

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