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To the world that the mother

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Other

Mother is the greatest person in the world, she brings us to the world.

Maternal love even greater than the greatest and most gentle of it! Mother can forgive all our fault, he would cover us, it will shield us, because we are her children, her body falling piece of meat. He could not bear our suffering, we are reluctant to be involved, we could not bear to suffer even a little bit of grievances. However, she would like us strong, we want independence.

Mother's lifetime dedication fear is that we can not repay. From pregnancy to birth, and from birth to adulthood, we grow up day by day, and her mother lost her youth. She no longer Glorifying, but she is still happy, if you ask her, she will tell you that her child is really bad. Perhaps you very moved, perhaps you are pleased, because it is love.

Ancients had a saying: child never too ugly mother, dog sees a poor family. This is one sentence the truth, in my mother's heart is the most beautiful people, the United States and beyond all this, include appearance and soul! There has always been its endless number of writers, artists and philosophers interpretation of maternal love, singing the praises of maternal love, praise the motherly love! The poet will be against poetry, prose household profound and beautiful articles praise the mother, the artist has created so many portraits, sculptures ...... all in celebrating the great mother. Then the bright sun, and not the mother's love for us.

Mother loves us dearly, love intimate. Cook, told nagging ...... These are all manifestations of maternal love, if you do not feel maternal love, it is really a great pity! Hard work and selfless dedication of the mother's care care of us, and what we should do, from the little things right. While after-dinner chat, home of a greeting, is very easy to do little things around. Remember once seen, heard some children do not treat the mother's behavior really felt a pang of grief. Mother's upbringing perhaps our monensin repay, we can do is make her child, so is her most want to see. Do a good honest, respecting a long people respect, is every mother to her children the most basic hope. Refrain until one day, the child wants his parents are not, that is your lifetime of regret ah!

The world's mother is the same as the child's mother, they are all the same, not race, not the country.

Finally, I wish my mother good health, happy every day. I wish all mothers a happy holiday!

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