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Dilute the responsibility of moral turpitude

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Other

Recently the country has undergone a lot of things, and both are displayed with the people of this country the moral bottom line. A two year old little girl was later linked to a significant fall in a pool of blood, however, it is chilling, passing 18 Chinese people rescue even one person out of hand, and then the little girl was once again the first two vehicles rolling, missed the best time of the rescue, the little girl at the day 8 after the event to go ......

This year coincides with the 75th anniversary of the death of Mr. Lu Xun is offering a series of things in particular that we should give China the status quo today with Lu Xun old Chinese link. And after comparing the result is so thrilling - how our country is still like this?

Many people are discussing China's national issues, said Chinese people xenophilia, bully soft fear evil, cowardly, hypocritical arrogant ...... In fact, all this stems from everyone's responsibility. If each of us can do a sense of responsibility, then this will be an orderly and caring community, the world will be very warm and very peaceful.

Yue Yue's parents to make only two years old child to play alone went to the streets, it is a parent's default, the little girl's parents did not fulfill the responsibility; after a van hit the driver failed to rescue a little girl , choosing instead to escape, this is irresponsible drivers; passing 18 people in cold blood in a pool of blood down to see the little girl, but turn a blind eye, it is irresponsible passers. If the parties can do it responsibly, then these things can be avoided, however, when everyone in the community are beginning to irresponsible them, but for their own interests, then the moral of this society can be considered the beginning of the decay.

Decades ago, the land of China there have been "a difficult one P Plus support" of the era, which proved that our nation still has the ability to do the caring heart. Just when excessive focus on community economic development, while ignoring the cultural and moral construction, people's moral values ??and sense of responsibility also will be weakened. Education is critical, if we recall carefully, we can find a man of common sense are probably parents or kindergarten teacher to teach in primary school is the university rarely taught the truth in life. However, in the process of growing up, interrupted the cultivation of moral values ??and sense of responsibility, but also to develop a correct values ??and world view it? Can not, can not, can not!

When education becomes irresponsible them, this society there would be a mess, no one is able to comply with the social order, no one can responsibly, no one can re-integrity, that is how terrible!

Maybe we can not change others, but we are able to adhere to the self, go to influence others. Do know shame, distinguish life and death, responsibility, integrity heavy, four-dimensional Pate makes sense!

Finally, pay tribute to the people who are most despise hate scavengers, China has such a person, do not die!

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