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On the train south

Wednesday on August 12th, 2020Other

On the train south

Xi Murong

Sometimes, things began to cherish the heart, often just because an idea only. The idea is this: - This is the only time in my life, the only one.

Then, all the love and affection they all born since then, the situation as not only the mortgage. Regardless of seeking to obtain or seek less, there is always sad and resentment, life became difficult and therefore complicated.

And now, sitting on the train south, the scenery out the window to see a section of the past, I suddenly found that the only time in my life a blessing only fragmentary and things just do it?

My own life, my own life, which I can only have one, and it is my only one ah!

So, to all the will in the past, we will never come back all the past. This is my only life, only a law of.

Well, since it is so, why should I reluctantly for some things, some people obsessed with it?

Since it is so, why still in ecstasy when you meet after parting still sad it?

Since it is not a period of time are forever, forever is not a space, I would like a no beginning and no end of the Rangers, I had no ability to collect those things that I cherish?

After collected, but also where to put it?

And now, sitting on the train south, hand kept my pen, but also for what is it?

I have always felt that all the world are already arranged. But, when the time not to, you can not understand. And to be able to make you appreciate the moment, that is your fate.

Destined person, always at Elixir of Love, when met at just the right time to understand things should understand, neither more nor less, not earlier too late to say at just the right time in just the right words, just the right form marriage.

And missed the people, they always missed each other. If that can be missed this, then so be it. Because then, just as I have not been able to meet two of strangers. Since they do not know each other, there is no gain and loss, there would be no pain, but there will be no chance of regrets.

Unfortunately, the kind of hindsight that the "edge." Always happen in "missed each other," the occasion. After always passing, only to find that you once said to me some of my long-awaited words. However, when you speak, why I do not understand it? And when I come back to re-invent your panic in the crowd, why did you disappear again it?

You are a young man I have not Zaixun of a life turned out to be a regular with someone else. Everything becomes a sign of growth, but ask of course, but nowhere to be found. Only a section of the old times, the taste and then more different vicissitudes. Ironically, knowing that the show should be a tragedy, but also has chosen to believe in tears brimming contain a sweet sadness.

This kind of compensation must be given to God for all who missed it. So life can continue, there will be so much the same story in the thousands of years continue to be staged. In those who missed the heart, it will often have a familiar feeling of anxiety blur it.

And now, sitting on the train south, the sky is already dark outside the window down. Carriage lamps lit, very few visitors. This is especially so the cars clean and quiet. I looked out from the cabin, outside the field is dark.

Therefore, the side windows like a dark mirror that lights up my face in tears.

In front of the mirror that faces sudden, I found: that no matter how I love my life, no matter how sorry I missed you, no matter how hard I tried to trace those who want to re-invent growth; all still have time past. Under all this pain and joy, life still goes by quietly, never to return.

Perhaps, many years later, the only thing I can remember is that in this column on the train south, in front of this dark side of the mirror, my cheek tears have given me the kind of feeling a little bit warm and aroma of the ice stop!

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