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Life is a cupboard.

Sunday on July 19th, 2020Other

Today's weather is good, a rare sunny day, sunny mood just as good as me, the same rare.

A lot of people, a lot of things, I did not do bad, but I do not want to do it, force yourself, just as dressed in an ugly mask, I was not happy.

In this society, I see a lot of so-called successful people, eat and drink every day, wandering on various occasions, a variety of dinner, it seems very popular, live very chic, very clear.

But I really can not do, I am willing to stay home for dinner every day, do what you want to do, go to work every day, has consumed too much of my time, and I hope to be in time after work, I live a little delicate, I was able to do my own thing.

What is freedom, it is free to arrange the time, but unfortunately, I am now, things are lined up one by one, and overwhelmed, I want to let myself calm down, why is it so hard?

Every time at the dinner table, I always hear people talking about this is how much money, what that got a good job, sometimes, but also by others reviews about it, how to say how you work, to be honest , it's not angry, but I really heard these tired, I just want to own less complicated, less secular it.

What do other people officer, how much money, I do not have nothing to do with, please do not enter into my life, and I do myself, I do not need someone else to give me what church or what I do not need you evaluation, I live well every day, I do my own thing, I am very happy.

I feel around a lot of people are envious of others, while ignoring their own life, I'm no good communication and high-brow, I do not belong to the circle, and they do not want to have the slightest relationship.

Really tired, maybe not come on his body.

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