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Look feel 315

Wednesday on June 17th, 2020Other

This year's read the whole 315! I am here to look at another perspective.

1, the importance of brand: you sell eggs just fine, but had to be missing from a "fresh soil" "good earth", people think you are selling eggs in soil (fresh eggs in soil, good soil eggs), which beat, rub drift, Kang handsome husband, cottage like oh. I do not know after this wave of two egg plant life results.

Reminder: The so-called business judgment yolk color contrast soil and not the soil. In fact, the role is to eat chicken, "canthaxanthin" of.

2, artificial intelligence, big data has come: all telemarketing calls \ AI voice telephony \ probe box, your message has already been betrayed, betrayed or even repeatedly said that the illegal acquisition retained the like, by MACIME phone number analysis.

What a precision marketing, user portrait income grading, than Tencent public social advertising to be more thorough. That spot was the host of the test, when the social security queries, data packet capture of a large service provider data, rich digital is that, while the site tips?:

3, can not eat spicy bar, hot bar can not eat, can not eat spicy bar. Shrimp Che Dan, nothing new.

4, the certificate can not be anchored, the certificate can not be anchored, the certificate can not be anchored, the intermediary site to make money money very fierce oh.

5, household appliances can not repair the installation, a lot of maintenance and installation master is born actress, minor ailments overhaul, really versatile.

6, can not borrow money, money can not be borrowed, 714 artillery waiting for you, naked extortion. Live Life, the original illegal loans!

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