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Anger, despotic power of flexion

Thursday on September 24th, 2020Other

Today this thing, I saw my heart really bad mood, extreme anger! Dignified school director actually humbly to a teacher, Peixiao flattery, but it bowed to his despotic power?

Needless to say, he really is quite real end, but he is also arrogant guy, like North Korea, like hate! Always clamoring, break raving, very professional, duplicity.

I did not intend to attack individuals or organizations, just to vent anger in mind, this is not to condemn tangible presence.

Unfortunately, today there are two friends endure the criticism. But this process, which is the truth, I do not know, do not say anything; if I fully understood, it will be given at the time issued a stern statement or complaint. Not the real thing, which in turn come and talk, even the whole school leadership are bent beneath a person's despotic power, why should we do too much debate?

Compliment, Peixiao, your voice is trembling with, which could hear. Beautiful modification, politely meaning good, what is not to cover up your embarrassment, not with your heart Wei stall flutter and uneven, but his despotic power or pressure taken with you. Really cowardly, shameless ......

This reminds me of the Chinese Qing Dynasty, Guangxu reign, the Empress curtain, ministers angrily mind, or that do not bend to her despotic power, are a group of guys eat shit. Why not outspoken, not a cannon strapped to Port Arthur did not put a fart, humiliating, but today has become our pride - it is a tourist attraction in Liaoning. That was East Asia's most defensive boundary, no smoke and perish he put a bag barbarians, this is the Empress of despotic power flexor pressure those aspiring ministers could save the country.

Miller says today, social troubles. The abusive person can also dominate anything, perhaps including life, which is hard to explain. I am very disgusted with this situation, no real, irrational, exactly why?

It is said that he can stabilize the party stability. Is simply a waste words rot words, that other forces to go eat shit! Admittedly, this is the smell that fills around, turns my stomach ......

Datong almost when and now, it's ideal when Mao to now, my country courtesy of Chinese men to reproduce what?

I had not intended to record the society, if my record is true, that is inadvertently.

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