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Article: Lonely Smoke

Wednesday on December 2nd, 2020Other

"Lonely smoke" text: Xia Yu Ting

Tobacco taster, nicotine temptation. Let the thoughts floating, the soul is sublimated, and the loneliness will drive away in the smoke! In the smoke, put the thoughts, inspirate, write a sense of understanding! The finger of the smoke records the annual round of your heart, it is the mark left behind.

I like to smoke in the night, I like to smoke when I am online, enjoy the taste of the tobacco, I am obsessed with my fingertips, and the smoke is slowly burning in front of my eyes. A circle of fog is filled in the night, one Ethereal thoughts will also rise together with the smoke. I like to listen to lyrical music, then turn it out, let the same melody flow in the room, immersed in music.

Some people say that you are confident and inferior combination! In fact, I only know that men are injured and not talking, and men have tears. There is a barrier in life, in order to survive, people, how do you get it! Just sometimes don't know where you are? A lonely person, lonely walking on the road. When the sun is splendid, it is very confident that the chest is confident and strong. Only in the dark, I dare to take off the shell that is covered with the heart of the package, so that the lonely soul is the most original bleak in the night.

I always like to recall the past drops in the smoke, I want to walk through the road and those who should shoulder. The years, the fall of the fall, just like a little bit of smoke. The thoughts that are difficult to cut, it is difficult to cut the feelings, lingering in front of him. After retreating in the quiet night, turning off the old past in the time tunnel.

I like to sort out the thoughts of zero chaos, the dust is born with helpless, wronged and hard, let it dissipate in the smoke. What can I do at will. Only when this is, the heart is not covered, in the face of yourself, feel yourself, the soul is only such a clear and transparent. A person hides in the dark night to find yourself!

The favorite is still in a faint smoke, when I ignited a cigarette, I am like igniting a hope. Like a little girl selling matches, in the blur of blur. Deeply suck a smoke into the body, then inserted into this, spitting a smoking ring in front of the lime, diffuse. Close your eyes to stop your thoughts, let the time solidify. There will be countless elves in front of the flying dance, and take the opportunity to do the dream of the inner heart in the smoke white smoke.

Tobacco taste, ignition and extinguishing moment, igniting a hopeful start, extinguishing is a gray space that has been integrated into the touch of tobacco. Can't get, painful. I got the promise of the day, but it was sent back, and I loved. Everything becomes a blank! Life. In this way, you will let you live in the grave of emotions.

Writing a pale text, the smoke of the hand, there is already the last one. It is lying in the cigarette case, just like this, or point it, let the smoke are filled around, deeply hidden in the smoke, so that life is quiet. At this moment, I deeply sucked a smoke, and then I really smell a feeling of heart and lung. At this moment, no one saw my face. It turned out that I didn't dare to love, but I couldn't love it. It turns out that I am not smoke, it is loneliness!

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