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Late at night, please listen to this voice

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Other

Often to the middle of the night, a lot of songs are not listening brain, and now a lot of pop music, to listen to up to three times on the sick, I do not know is that I am old, and want to nostalgic feelings more intense, and I used to think music appreciation, I am tolerant, but now I feel that I do not make me listen to favorite songs, might as well call me to die, the music becomes more and more boring, more and more fast food, listening to music than to eat also casual, real people denied the opportunity to make music, I know this thing is dead domestic record run out, ask now the kids have bought several cd, listening to cd? In the era of the Internet, they can not understand when I was listening to a tape of the joy!

But I have to admit I did not go back before, the progress of the times too fast, will not give you time to nostalgia, because there will be more abundant something to fill your life, dazzling, dizzying! Computers, mobile phones, all kinds of terminals, the information explosion filled your brain, what happens in Iraq, we knew more than they. We do not have time to think, no time to calm down, because someone might microblogging comments and Ait you, QQ to return other people ah, micro-channel voice again, and to the new place must first sign to the Internet, before eating must first pictures, people gradually turned into a tool, and the tool begins to dominate the real world! The saddest thing is, we knew these happened, but unable to change!

Music is becoming a subsidiary of the tools to become a minor thing, it became background music for some time we have no interest in the Internet, dispensable, no one go to explore the story behind the music, nobody cares lyrics meaning, no one on the unforgettable melody, people are concerned, Wang Qian Liu did not hit, Dong Jie and Wang Dazhi what progress there has been today, Tian that the goods have a few 17-year-old? The bottom line is no longer realistic, fun people have no bottom line, sometimes you do not want to accept these things, but as long as you live here, you must accept the inevitable, because nothing can give you, this is our culture always say we have a brilliant culture, why do I see are the dregs!

So I have always felt that music does not fit in this day and age appear today, perhaps the Internet and the music never fused, of course, there are compromises, but that is also called music? Music is unfettered and mercy, is used to express, is used to feel, at the moment of writing songs just as you share emotions, this is highly spiritual unity, so fewer and fewer good songs, fast food everywhere!

I wanted to introduce Koji Tamaki, but think he also needs to introduce it? So Chanticleer figure, the absolute level of musical godfather, four kings, Alan Tam & Hacken Lee and other people do not know how much of a cover of a song, sometimes we have been holding some of the classic, not knowing many of these are from Japan, Chinese music if there is no Lindsay et al., the word is lacking, it is the lack of song a hundred percent, a lot of people holding a Japanese song, and do not say how bad the Chinese football, in fact, not much better music, but the music is done the more subtle! On this list, in fact, only part of the column, just Koji Tamaki, also shows that music without borders!

As of this writing, a drink, it may be biased, but also do not want to belittle what music people is not easy, as the buns said, This is related to the environment! Not one or two people can change, and hope that our music is getting Okay!

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