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To their own songs

Saturday on September 26th, 2020Other

Recently not the Internet, but fortunately the computer has some songs, some songs have to constantly listen to, will have a perception, so that the singer is really very powerful, their songs will be deeply embedded in your mind at some point, very relevant, like for you to write!

Previous songs always felt that in order to pass the time, but now I find more songs to encourage yourself to be able to cheer up!

Recently some silly things in school during the day to face those rich handsome white rich and the United States, after tomorrow, we have to face aunts, well, no self-esteem is already a very common thing! Night wandering alone in the city, street snack stalls, duck accompanied by beer, I do not know which way the bus, often around a couple of touch to touch, my indifference as the, or come and go in the cafe, everything seems back to the starting point.

People slowly to the reality of defeat, only to find this age, have no right to tell ideal, although there are numerous inspirational piece told me, the ideal is not too late to Shashi, it is like Stallone's "Rocky ", and" Forrest Gump. "

Headshot brother recently the sky is the news, either himself or was killed, brother burst can be considered a "legend", but to kill poor people, it is certainly wrong, you must be a life for a life.

This year's three examinations, may be my last chance to change their own destiny, and at all costs, only for a preparation, the day is not prepared, even then idle, I still insecure!

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