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Thinking fragmentation bothers me

Saturday on September 26th, 2020Other

How should I say, do not know because since graduating from high school is no longer written essay, the impact of their own divergent thinking. Later, or because word limit of 140 pieces of reading too much, even if a lot to say, will subconsciously try to compress the number of words, which led to the idea he is now unable to complete expression.

Think about it, after all, or affected by fragmentation of reading, and this effect is negative. We are always eager in the shortest possible time, with the most brief of a sentence to express their views; or hope that through short text, will be able to understand each other's intentions. In fact, so playing summary text description, and there is no problem, but the need to express and understand those who need to have the appropriate information foundation, otherwise such a text will only become a "look a little truth" of preaching or chicken soup.

I do not play to it for a long time, probably because it was felt more and more boring microblogging, pushing hot day and I totally not interested, but more and more advertising. Now occasionally seen in the micro-channel public number some interesting articles, see the most recent is the "global knowledge bureau," the article, and regardless of whether full articles in academic rigor, but learning geography of human knowledge, it is quite there are a student first look at the excitement encyclopedia and atlas of geography. Although the micro-channel public number of articles and tweets flow than, longer length, but its essence is a kind of fragmentation of reading. Such a reading can get some knowledge, but not systematically learn, so it can only be as a leisure pastime reading time.

Another angle to think, we can be like a student did have enough time to systematically and continuously learn some knowledge of it, I see very few people have this condition, especially after starting work, most of the rest They are used to catch up on sleep or go to travel. Therefore fragmented reading is not without merit, its benefit is that we can maintain interest for something, and will not be completely discarded, but the most terrible is that over time, our thoughts are also affected, it became South East pull Shanxi pull north of believers ought, put into a rigorous learning leisure reading, I do not care how other people understand, anyway, I think this is not good.

Perhaps I am a nostalgic person, always reluctant to try new things. The new trend afraid to change her, afraid that they can not accept new things, not into them, and finally become neither fish nor fowl. Afraid of new things and stability have not been verified, it can not be easily converted past.

But the trend of the times will always move forward, they do not take the initiative to integrate into the will being pushed forward, passively to accept. So I want to do, or in the case of principled, try to accept new things, whether it is technically or something else, we need to adapt to this change.

Many want to record something, there is a change of thinking, working and life chores, there are a lot of the learning process, there are some issues do not understand they can not find the answer. May be a backlog of too many ideas, it can not start, it may be confusion, could not elaborate. Today it is the first to be labeled, and then one by one to solve.

Today can be considered to try something new, the article is written with the iOS client, and the web version does not know what to write different, give it a try.

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