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Movie: college Fleet

Wednesday on August 26th, 2020Other

A destroyer sunk in the Sea of ??Japan "clear wind number", sank because of injuries in combat, it is facing a crisis of the dissolution of the class. Including a captain thought of a coup - an idol, as long as they become idols, sunny fame wind will increase the number, but the number will rise against the dissolution of the class. In this way, two distinct personalities decided to work together to become the idol of young girls, hoping to increase the impact by virtue of fame idol to save their favorite ships.

- no serious critic of the OVA Inscription 2333

Such a long time, OVA finally appeared, although before seeing foreigners on Reddit Share OVA, but no subtitles, but not before drawing, which is very embarrassing thing. Recently found VCB suppress group reseed the university fleet, a new collection of OVA, and a corresponding caption in the comments, right, in a 2333 review in the beginning I did not notice, and went to be released in the corresponding forum page post comment, and later have a big brother pointed to 2333

Front OVA called "troubled Neuchatel Sachiko! "The Editor called" troubled Neuchatel Sachiko! ? . " TV content is about to complete combat missions, rescued after all, clear air after sinking the No. story. Overall outcome can be regarded as a story of it, and a production team to spectators of a relatively good outcome.

At the same time, I came along a 2333 head three weeks from the beginning until the OVA, the feeling is still as ever praise na! Positive on TV, do not say here, even if this is some users comments Fan color some right-wing, but not as involved and as a person of interest in politics, I do not think there is any color on the right wing even I do not know what is right but 2333 is a really good fan ah, watching the little battle tanks on shore, then look universities fleet to sail ah ~ really like the 2333 explosion

And I think these kind of military force Fan ah 2333 accident I like it from the inside 2333 and also learn a lot of things, such as on warships, tanks about, as well as the exchange of semaphore, flags in hand and international signal flags or something, just a few days ago I wrote about the auxiliary memory flags in hand and international pennant Java program, though not finished it short, I think 2333 is really learned a lot ah 2333 but I do not like to engage in advocating some big news Fan see what people say can improve their level of knowledge of what 2333 it or forget it for the rest of my 2333 piece of pure land now 2333

The above blowing for a long time TV, following talk about it OVA 2333 I reckon that the production team is run after the end of the TV, OVA released before this time, the audience certainly pondering the clear No. wind sank, the class how to do such a thing . Which certainly was speculation that the class will not be broken up, after all, the boat was gone, just like the Army too, people pull the flag, designation gone (No, no not what you think that designation, is the designation of troops ), it can only be disbanded army ah. But if you dare to make the group disbanded Fairbreeze number OVA inside, I am afraid that 2333 will be a lot of viewers do not buy it even if you all went to 2333 on a number of clear air with good ship, get a better development opportunity, handed new friends into the new home, even if the flies no matter how good, in fact, not as we together, in a small sailing ship products with mixed feelings 2333 it in fact I would say that what is called weird smells, which in turn is connected to string wins University of the ship is 12 years old, is to save the world, obviously that is colorful ah 2333

So 2333OVA is so fun, first at the beginning of the book for everyone to command a top-secret, and ordered to be opened after a date, then we have speculated before that class will not be dissolved, so a number of wind on a sunny you think a good way - an idol! (Not!) We would like to write a joint letter with signatures collected by way of an application with the school, I want to leave the preparation of clear wind number. Do pull people from the streets to publicize the final application for the right to use the park opened a number of clear wind curry festival, finally staged a fireworks display, the power of the feelings of the really big ah.

Finally it to the specified opening date, we have discovered that in fact the beginning of the school did not intend to break up the previous class. Was assigned to the full Y-469 number, the original clear wind number is Y-467. Y469 is red wind number, the principal said as the wind rushed inside the number is not for decoration, so I removed the clear air above number of things, loaded into the wind on the red numbers. Although the words to say, but the animation of details - all the details of the ship, put the chair, appliances, decor, and everything turned out exactly the same number of clear wind, but besides sharks pillow was vice captain of blisters 2333 luck ah 2333 so is a fool could not see out 2333 such a principal, I want a dozen!

This is the full story OVA friends. I think this is the best outcome of it as before 2333 we can sail together not Miya ~ 2333

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