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Not my ego

Monday on June 1st, 2020Other

Wang Xiaobo liked this sentence: "All human suffering, in essence, is the incompetence of their anger."

Listen to the song "snow" always makes my heart a little rest.

Writing this article have no purpose, which is to say that he, suddenly I know for myself the pain caused by the incompetence of others to actually bring so much pressure, I sometimes just want to express, to express their feelings about Maybe I'm not so bad, I just exaggerated their feelings, their emotions presumptuous, but gave his family brought a lot of pain, they make a lot of worry, become a bad mood, because these are my .

Many people in the eye, I should be quite good too, I should open every day happy, happy, and why I still sometimes so painful it? In my heart, I am a pessimist, I am a person of low self-esteem, is the kind of think of myself as a very bad feeling, perhaps ideal, I feel that they should be very powerful, but the reality is really nothing, lazy look, people always think I'm doing things no fighting spirit, man is not enough sunlight, but positive, in fact, I just can not express them, I'm more adept at expressing their negative energy, rather than positive energy.

I can not cheer for ourselves, I can not feel good in this world, I can not thank this day and age, in short, I am very pessimistic face the world, I know this is not right, I know this makes me very painful, perhaps folk listen too much, always feel the world owes you nothing. I used to like to listen to folk songs, feel the same way, the underappreciated or hardship or for love tangle, in fact, these have nothing to do with me, I just always feel badly, very poor, very sad, actually? Absolutely not the case.

Yes, although I have nothing to show off, just like the college entrance examination, like, you did not test to good results, no matter how good you usually do, you will not longer be sure, I am so, my life, for now for, I have nothing loaded to force, so I can not high-profile, I imagine, like others, lamented how beautiful life, how hard to work. I know all that and aspire to, I just do not express it.

Sometimes not expressed does not mean I is not, I used to think that someone would know my heart, someone will understand me, but now I think no one would understand me, because I like so tangled state of mind, a few people should not be in this way, I analyze my own reasons, may come from a child's self-esteem, low self-esteem is the kind of brings you to different surroundings, so I try to turn into and around the same as when I'm around the same time, I I feel too ordinary, mediocre I could not recognize myself, Ever since I became very painful, suffering a can not change their situation, and a desire to change but will not pay for the pain, the pain is always a can not tell linger in my heart that was full, so there is a stimulus, which shares the pain of the rapids will jet out to be infinitely magnified.

I used to always feel that they will not grow old, do not want to grow up, I gave my naive, and even does not match my age, because I was living inside himself as a young wanton rubbed, but everything should not be like this, I have thought about before I'm 27, I want to finish three things, one is to find my true love, one is to have a car, and the other is not yet want to say, the first two I have been a realization that I have love my fiancee, and I gradually move from a rookie to veteran driver, also opened more than 8000 kilometers friends, one last thing, I just want to say: I will work hard, and I will not give up.

Perhaps for their profound special review will be cruel, but I confront his own humanity, I am not perfect, I also ugly, yes, this is me, a heart infinite but get themselves besieged city, but want to change difficult to put into action the people, past scenes and came back to me, if you could go back, I might know how I do, but now know, not too late, cherish the people and things, cherish everything, make their own narrow love becomes broader, so that people around can feel the warmth of your energy rather than cold sad.

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