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Thinking ism

Wednesday on August 19th, 2020Other

In high school, I learned of Mr. Lu Xun article "ism", but also many years later, they would understand the "used" the word component.

But we are "sent" something scared. First British opium, used guns in Germany, after France's powder, American movies, Japanese printed "complete local" all kinds of little things. So even the sober young people, but also for foreign goods has occurred terror. In fact, precisely because it is "sent" rather than "used" reasons.

So we have to use brains, eyes emit their own to come and collect!


I understand ism, in fact, self-reliance, plus the initiative to fight. I would like to have this spirit, in this day and age, be a valuable.

Today, whether it is in real life or on the web, everywhere is full of advertising and marketing information we are not forced to push interest. Go on the road, there are a variety of banners, and banners posted on telephone poles advertising psoriasis; in the elevator, there is advertising all around the four directions, and worse still there are rolling broadcast multimedia advertising; home turn on the TV, there can not refuse boot advertising. In addition, various mobile phone App start-page ads and in-app advertising, and even browse the Web without installing App version prompt can not be used. All of these are forced upon us by the outside world but can not be selected. So, how can reject them useless information, take the initiative to get the information they need it, there may have to extend another point of view, called the information literacy.

A person wants to get information, there are many, or consult others, or search for newspapers and magazines, or use a network approach. In any case, get active than passive acceptance, whether it is the accumulation of experience or expansion of content, both of which can have a huge difference. When a person learn to take the initiative to get started the initiative to find what they need, we can say that this person has the capacity to discern, if pay more training, and will have independence and self-reliance.

Take the initiative to pick up, perhaps some of the complex, a little more effort. But this is normal pay, the rewards will be the same amount of bother to get information, be sure to push than others. Of course, this is not necessarily bad things to say push, push just say something though great relevance, but not necessarily our true need.

Technology has changed life, this sentence is not false. Someone with evil technology, can magic goes Road ridge.

Nothing is unachievable. We should use brains, eyes emit their own to come and collect!

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