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Drink i will be back

Thursday on June 4th, 2020Other

In many cases, people have to give up a lot of things, and no regrets adhere to, will have to see the success of the moment, of course, there are many successful, perhaps you are satisfied with life now, you regard their status , very satisfied, ok, enjoy it!

Sometimes, life is hard or humble, is a man of infinite power forward, will muster you work harder, more eager to change, the change is very important, it has not changed, such as stagnant water of life in general!

At some time, I have as little as possible online, in addition to this website and rice has also required several forums, I try not to yearn these things, the network is very true, too much nostalgia sometimes forget what is reality? There QQ, micro letter these things, the less these things are used to fill the empty weapon, but now the time for me, too precious, I do not have too many brain cells to think about something else, it will not there are too many emotions to tangle, to the sentimental, I know that all clouds, when you reach your goals when everything is here, and then later those things is not too late, whenever I want, but the struggle is in recent years, perhaps these so-called struggle insignificant in the eyes of others, but do not care, you are you, why you want to live in someone else's eyes too! ?

Enjoyed supper here a long time, and also the boss cooked supper stalls, there are several snack stalls, snack stalls here are carts to sell, there is no fixed store, which has a stall in Sichuan people open to men every night in front of a pile of carbon, non-stop BBQ, good smoke, that smoke, withered skin, woman eyes a little problem, but also at record something in the dim light, the amount of money, very hard, their children sleep on that tricycle, carrying business with kids, unusual hardships, but they did not complain too much, life is still hard, I am very impressed!

There is also a file family, parents with sons, daughters into selling supper, which the girl's optimism, beautiful, generous, left me a deep impression, to be honest, the girl looks really beautiful, short-haired, bespectacled, very gentle, very simple, with no affectation and exaggeration, the idea is also very realistic, I often go to her there, she was very happy every time, and sometimes ridicule two, we think very understanding she also felt to make more money is right, make yourself a better life for your family, keep yourself busy, to enrich themselves, not fantasy, do not fuss, do you want to do to achieve their goals. If one day, I want a girl, I will look for this, I do not care about beauty or not, at least, real and natural, at least, down to earth!

My ideas are always very naive or very superficial, I myself have no ideals, no technology, but what does one imagine, never to been promised anything, just sit safely live, jot down , there is no discretion over ~ ~ forget forgive me!

A bottle of Qingdao you'll feel better, too sleepy, you should be very comfortable to sleep tonight, thank you, the people I met!

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