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Regional development association relationship of time and space

Wednesday on August 19th, 2020Other

Read the "Interstellar" friends all know, this sci-fi movie about the relationship between time and space, although the film pretext of scientists solemnly tells the wormhole theory and relativity, but they still can not explain why the human body metabolism is not the people's will transfer. Then the relationship between time and space, so it is absurd to you, I think not of.

Throughout the ages, human civilization on Earth from generation to die, already numerous, it is time to look at perspective. A place of settlement development to the town, and then become a metropolis, this is the perspective prospect space. So different places and at different times during the same period of the same place, their development must also be different. Each region has a part of its schedule, their growth rate is different. Like on the beach during the same period and the Shenzhen small fishing village, now and then it seems that they might almost the same, but the specific time ago, they have gone very differently. Also as thousands of years ago the Nile River and the Mississippi River, in today's view, too early shrunk.

Thus, as time goes on, more and everything will be alright in the world, the natural world or the demise of civilization. So the reason why it embarked on a downhill, I think the reason is also different, is roughly the population, the environment, but I think more important is the people's faith.

In fact, the development of human life and a region in time and space then why do not like it. We come into the world, the starting point is not the same, but we can be acquired through efforts to change the natural situation, regardless of the speed of the speed, but if they work hard, they will not stand still. If A little more effort, you might be able to become a leader.

As long as a firm conviction, time and space will become negligible. As the "Interstellar" I talked about, is proportional to the gravitational mass, the greater the attraction, time becomes slower. That belief is quality, as long as faith is strong enough, you can transcend the shackles of time and space, go ahead.

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