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Disputes arising carrier

Wednesday on August 19th, 2020Other

Just today, the Vietnamese military exercise, an apparent dissatisfaction with China is of great metaphorical exercise.

As I expected, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that Vietnam did not stand before military exercises to begin military exercises, since shortly after the exercise, claiming that the United States will have a statement in favor of Vietnam engaged in military exercises announced in Vietnam, because the situation in the South China Sea warming could threaten US interests. If China also protested the Vietnam military exercise, he sided with the United States, also admitted that the United States also has interests in the South China Sea, which China is clearly not acceptable.

It is accompanied by the South China Sea issue China's aircraft carrier continued exposure warming, and more countries are speculation China's naval power, of course, does not rule out the United States or Russia. "In all major countries, no aircraft carriers, only China, but China can not always be no aircraft carriers." This metaphor mean that China will look further into the ocean. "Aircraft carrier built, but not yet built, and so made good to say." Chinese aircraft carrier has been launched to date, the United States and Russia can not be nervous?

China has aircraft carriers, someone will have to try Chinese naval strength has been to what extent. To test, you have to test on the battlefield, so there are always a handful of people with ulterior motives disturbed situation in the South China Sea, China pulled into the water. No one knows Vietnam has a few two kilograms, could be so arrogant, behind will be those who support. I'm afraid is ungrateful Vietnam, as well as their own calculations, it is also a history lesson.

Some people want to inquire about the strength of the Chinese Navy, will have plots, how can we let him succeed. The so-called maintaining the status quo, China is not on this when, also not let him fill a hurry. From last year's Japan, to Korea, to the Philippines, and Vietnam to today, not all tease someone in China to lure Chinese use of force it? China have withstood the test, is not it all right Well, Today this thing, I think, or disdain as well, keeping a low profile so as not bad overall.

In the South China Sea issue, China has always advocated shelving disputes and seeking common development. While some countries do not appreciate, hurt the feelings of the Chinese, but China will certainly take on the responsibility of big countries, the South China Sea to maintain stability, to prevent people with ulterior motives will be an opportunity.

Or Chairman Mao saying goes, it is not that a few small islands Well, put off for later, not hinder event. And more ambitious, and more far-sighted, not for the benefit of the tiny, muddy and ruined the whole chess.

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