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You dream

Monday on April 6th, 2020Other

Lindsay's recent obsession lyrics, Lindsay read a lot of video, found that he was a low-key, shy, talkative, friendly, a little nervous, very lovely people, although there are many rumors on his rivers and lakes, but the rumor after all rumors, he said he was schizophrenic, male and female whole body, think also, can accurately grasp the minds of men and women, to happiness, sadness, depression, pain, can see through life, love, family, friendship, and give you the lyrics answers and resonance, to create more than 4,000 songs, but surprisingly high quality, his pen still continue, I think Chinese music is only one person Lindsay, if you listen to Chinese pop music, if you like the Cantonese song, then you can not be heard Lindsay had songs, such as the name of the general Lindsay dream, sunset forest, there are pictures and different, he is a holy word, he is Lindsay!

The best about him is his introduction that those of well-known popular songs, posted a few of my favorite song lyrics Lindsay:

Goodbye Nichome - Miriam Yeung

No doubt, this song is my favorite, is said to be similar to Lindsay and friends Nichome Anthony Wong, Anthony Wong unfortunately did not keep the appointment, Lindsay to wait for this term into. Another version of Anthony Wong, but I think this song is more fitting Miriam Lindsay, Lindsay really is a piece of meat ah!

Under Mount Fuji - Eason

The song first heard on a deep love, especially I love to sing in the shower, sing when K also will sing, we can say this song too picture, too have feelings, too good for the interpretation of the love , there are many on this song interpretation, Mandarin version of "love transfer" slightly lose one chip!

In fact, for love Lindsay has been a "love on Mount Fuji": In fact, you like a person, like like Mount Fuji. You can see it, but you can not move it. Is there any way you can move a Mount Fuji? The answer is that you walk past. Love is also the case, shopped sufficient.

Undercurrents - Anthony Wong

Tat Ming will not say how the legend, a man I admire Domingo is the rivers and lakes also circulated a legend about the two men, Lindsay said: "I wrote so many words, they did not win a people. "and this person is Anthony Wong (details).

Red beans - Faye Wong

Lyrics written by nice, absolute healing, healing the eve of God is invincible!

- Anita

The movie "Twin Bracelets" theme song, composer Luo, an absolute classic, the song can be seen ancient word skills Lindsay is very deep!

At least you - Sandy Lam

Mandarin lyrics evening Lord of the skill is also very tough, Sandy Lindsay said it is more difficult to cope with the singer, perhaps it is this critical achievements of the classic song, the song is also a big love!

Lindsay has more than 4,000 songs, vast, but a few classic, word would travel to the sea Lindsay, body offer all kinds of feelings, a sense of the vicissitudes of life now!

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