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The pattern of larger, high capacity but also

Thursday on July 2nd, 2020Other

Today saw an article in Lu Songsong blog above: "gab big money of logic." Think that says a bit mean, feel the same sympathy, I can see a wealth of experience, not like some of the people moving bricks from a patchwork, as usual, I read the bottom of this article would like to see the works of the great God who is calling . The results see the author: "south wind", then asked as usual degree of your mother asked Google, the original, the wind south is the famous southern cynical (Chen Yu) [a] "The Wind South of Internet banking." Know the wind on the south almost. Micro-channel public number: south wind, I attention.

Lu Songsong this article several years ago turned out to be cynical south of vintage articles, and online hair all over the place, not the author estimates posted.

Also look at today's "ghost foot seven" articles about the practice of the time found a "and turnips" super online red. Do not understand these people are embarrassed to say that they are concerned about the Internet, which must pay attention to, ah, I found the next stop of his personal blog seemingly harmonious classes, micro-channel public number of fans a lot to read and a reward very much.

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