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Song mountain top

Thursday on June 4th, 2020Other

Huang Ling in a recent toxic, and very fond of her songs, especially "High song" "itch" two songs, see a variety of programs cover some of her songs, sing like that can qualify for, or those seeking people listen to original music now! Like Huang Ling charming, show, sexy, treble, little skirt, little turn sound, and her little electric eye, her eyes really will be discharged, giving a nasty feeling, I hope she can really fire it up, because she has this strength.

High song - Huang Ling

See paragraph on shrimp:

Coincidentally, Yu can only "Happy Girl" finals also chose the song "itch", compared to Wu Mo, Yu can only sing the song "itch" itch surplus and lack of show; and Wu Mo interpretation of the song "itch "is the only show not itch. Huang Ling song "itch" reached its peak, difficult to surpass, that itch is itching bones, that is the heart of Sao arrogant Mensao. And Wu Mo put it became the interpretation of behavior among the show.

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