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Choose the boss, don't choose work

Wednesday on December 2nd, 2020Other

The graduation season arrived, many students began to ask me to find a job related problem, the most often, probably "A work and B work, which one I chose?" Then, if you ask them to list comparison conditions It is often a salary, work location, bonus, work time, content, business trip, etc. These "objective specifications", then start the combination, trying to find it is a high-solar salary of a work, or the early get off work of B More healthy.

It is like which car is selected.

Unfortunately, finding a car is not looking for a car. In fact, especially for social fresh people, what are you looking for, actually the "driver".

For most students, you are basically "training" before the first three years of the society. That's right, what you have learned in school, the standard in the industry seems to be just a play. Moreover, in addition to "hard" knowledge, you have to learn more, more important "soft" skills - communication skills, convincing art, upward management, colleagues, project cooperation, respond to advance retraction, leading, and make decisions, Responsible, these are all you have never experienced, and it is also needed for many years to try to do it.

Who will you learn these things? Yes, your first boss, there is your first group of colleagues. Simply put, if the society is a school, your first boss is your country (national middle school, referred to as the country, a part of Taiwan's national compulsory education), and others are your country. Classmate. The country is probably the most important stage of everyone, and the first three years of entering society is this stage. So everyone often say that the first boss is the most important, that is, because of his values ??for you, the impact is often over your parents, teachers.

It's more simple to say, my intersteration has been in the society for more than ten years, and everyone now accumulates the achievements and wealth, and the gap may have reached ten times. People who observe the "Shengli Group" are definitely not the group of "A work bonus". On the contrary, it is to choose "which boss can make me learn the most from him", "Which boss is the most worthy of my follow" The one group.

The truth is very simple. After ten years of society, you can stand in any location, it is definitely not to see what you are graduating, nor, which company you stay. After ten years in society, your value is this decade, what strengths you have accumulated. People who really accumulate energy will become scarce will be talented, everyone is competing for the treasure. Just "work" for ten years, Well, he is just a relatively senior employee.

So, of course, you are not a job, but a sociology garden that will be able to learn the most things, especially those with the most valuable soft skills. So you have to carefully choose the first boss, because he is personal demonstration to see communication skills, management methods, values, life philosophy, let you be able to practice the master of the sword after ten years.

As for how to choose the first boss? In fact, it is also very simple, that is, choosing that let you appreciate, admire, I hope that you will become the Leader of him. So when you go to the interview, remember, not just the boss is taking you, you have to know more about him. I remember to ask many people to live, values, believe me, real good leaders will appreciate those who ask these questions.

And if you want to be more sure, no problem, the company will not have to practice. Before you marry, you will always be the best strategy. This is why some people say that the internship is actually the best stealing step before the society.

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