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Young generation, how to take social responsibility

Sunday on November 29th, 2020Other

First of all, we have to give a sense of mourning against the victims of the moving accident in the front night, and the soul of the dead will be restless.

Second, we have to start with the responsible persons of the citizens to ask: what are you doing!

Finally, we must reflect on themselves. Reflections, don't just reflect on whether you have developed a lazy and lazy habit, irresponsible habits, but also reflect on whether you have affected them in the process of education, supervising the society, but they have also become lazy. Not responsible.

Tragedy, always avoid it, you have to see if someone is willing to afford this responsibility, conscientiously do their own work, and ensure that every detail is perfect. Tired is tired, you can do it, you can get the object of your own service. If every member of this society has a good style and noble moral value concept, I think this must be a harmonious prosperity, because everyone is supervising each other and sets each other. Everyone will stick to their positions because of their work, and everyone will be afraid of brushing the self-respect of others because of criticizing others. This must be a mutual understanding. .

Obviously this time the motorcycle accident is not caused by thunderstorms. If there is no mini-spoken accumulation, it will not cause such a tragic consequence.

Everything happened, some departmental organs cannot report disasters in time, and the people who care about this thing is anxious to blindly follow the wind, distort the child. Some news media cannot be objectively reported that calm analysis, but in order to go to the public, they will rendering, leading to some people's emotional excitement, and rude. Some fools will not use the history, understand the facts, but with the arbitrage, the accusations of the Huai, Cheng Tian, ??and add a chaos. Some foreign governments and institutions are also taking the opportunity to ridicule, there is no condolence, such as my Chinese people can't face reality, serious review, disaster relief, dangerous, then we and the Qing Dynasty's foolish people have no difference .

When some incidents know, they don't have to cover up, but should find ways to solve. If everyone is playing a game of masters, then this society will never have transparent and fair words, and there will never have a throic progress, never healthy to the world.

The key is in education! Our generation, these dozen people are impetuous, don't be discouraged by accidents, don't think about China will always go, don't think about the Chinese are not saved, this is negative performance! We have to look at the world, look at the future, do a good job in education, will be aware of this, and we will create such an atmosphere for their growth, and this society will change, this nation It will change, a new era will come!

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