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About Japan Earthquake

Wednesday on September 30th, 2020Other

Perhaps this is unjust is doomed to destruction of the results of multiple lines, but that it is a natural disaster!

Yesterday afternoon the first class, listen to the students Wushi Ze said the earthquake in Japan, or 8.8. I asked the earth or the sea, the result is the latter. Yunnan earthquake coincided with the day before, and then the day before the earthquake in Japan, which I could not help but think of the 2008 earthquake I have experienced before. In retrospect, it really was a thrilling experience!

Sure enough, the Japanese earthquake. Many Chinese people is happy, warm congratulations. Of course, this is due to the history of the complex, after all, we hate Japan, hate the man who almost make us extinct nation! However, once the smoke has dissipated without a trace, we have to remember history, but also to respect history.

Japan today is experiencing anxiety after the earthquake of life, as if I did not go home but can only ride in the open overnight in tents after the earthquake the same. The situation can be far more than this, Japan also it next to the sea, there is a tsunami it! I watched a video about the tsunami in Japan after the earthquake, I want to be this happen in our side, we will Zuoheganxiang? Maybe our hearts filled with despair, watching their homes destroyed this merciless waters will be grieved, friends and relatives around looking at his face tears powerless, it is natural, and he who can contest it?

About a lot of problems, not to say that patriotism is patriotism. Chauvinist called angry youth, a lot of people said I was cynical, I said I was not! Because my approach will make people think I'm cynical, but my approach is based on real facts decide to do, rather than one-sided understanding they conclude. Only the whole matter have a comprehensive understanding to make sure the right thing, and things are still the same, including the love of their country is all about!

When we recklessly without thinking on the network abuse deserve congratulations Japan Japan earthquake, ever thought 2008 Japan sent a rescue team to China to help the Japanese people are concerned about us! Now, do we do something called the ingratitude of a sense? Affected Japanese people, Japanese people are as concerned about the Chinese people, the Sino-Japanese dispute is a matter between the two governments, the friendship between the two peoples and is not by any government organization dominated! This is a friendship that is pure non-dyed!

Of course, the Japanese hatred China, because Chinese people hate the Japanese. The Japanese do not understand why Japan since the establishment of diplomatic relations 72 years offer a large number of unpaid loans and technical assistance to China every year until now, the Chinese people just do not appreciate it. Just because very few Chinese people know this thing! The Japanese do not understand why China has chosen to leave China and Japan compete for more than 99 years international law has the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan! Although there have been many disputes between China and Japan a lot of contradictions, but the friendship between the two peoples will not fade, after all, we belong to Asia, we belong to the East!

Finally, I hope the Japanese people can be strong through this difficult period. Just like you who have supported us through the period of the earthquake, we are on the sea across the land of China, quietly support you!

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