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Film: the realm of the other side the next chapter

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Other

Sorry, as a main drag Lo more so long, I regret, therefore, I Hu decided to end his own life.

exposure age series 2333 movie lines this statement is "hunt" in the. As a prosecutor to commit such a crime, I regret that I Duqiu Dongren decided to end his own life.

Well, I'm on a [1080P Fan drama completion plan - beyond the boundary OVA & WebSP & I said in past articles the next day will be able to write the next chapter, uh. . . Okay I'm sorry

Then we get down to business quickly say 2333 may be too long did not watch, I suddenly felt all of a sudden put on headphones Open Movie, wow! stereo! Wow! Terrific! ! ! Indeed the next chapter! ! ! ! This may be an illusion, but put on headphones to the volume up a bit, it feels really great!

But in the past reminisced different articles, the next chapter is a new development, is an explanation of the previous mysteries. TV edition had left some details, such as the Association of the Disabled outsider slag man, why can use tentacles, and finally she said, people like him are keeping the dream demon in vivo Naze Springs? Attention to detail viewers might get confused by this, but not because TV inside this part of your role, so did not notice that is understandable, but in the next chapter in the recall method to use to kill, rigorous said that in fact is a dream demon the ability to speak the whole story to the audience and said:

X years ago, the slag male Fujiwara Maitreya Bluff Springs Naze gain strength in the body thereby keeping the dream demon, this is Chen Bo Naze for that question - Naze Springs Why get so much power disappear after a period of time - the answer behind this anomaly is definitely deal with dirty PY 2333

Of course, in addition to answer questions, to the TV and the aftermath of the last chapter, the next chapter Another major event is the establishment of the future relationship between the male and the female controls Sakakibara autumn Chestnut Hill, past the end of the article text says Kuriyama future articles wake up, but he lost his memory. So the male began to tangle in the end or let Kuriyama future recovery of memory, if it is the audience that our reaction might immediately think to tell her the truth, tell her everything. But Sakakibara autumn people like her as a person, you want to make her happy. To know the future is to have a family cursed blood, carrying such a fate must be unfortunate. So beginning in autumn people want to hide things go on, until an unexpected occurrence.

For reasons of space and logic, I am here directly through the drama. Naze spring by the demon dream of erosion, fried hair up, and try to attack the future, then God again with their bodies down a former attack, cut off one foot, but people are immortal, so brush the soil, all right . After experiencing this attack, the fall of Bo Chen asked questions about happiness, began to think we should have to tell the truth in the future, but it was too late. That slag man posing Fujiwara Maitreya Sakakibara Akihito went to the next home so that future blackening, blackened but I think the future is very nice.

I think the future of black hair really nice! At the same time it is subject to future dream demon influence blackened, thus remembered part of the dark memories - her mother told her family was cursed blood destiny is to destroy the other side realm. So blackening the future is staring at people hold autumn, it has been cut him.

Intermediate story slightly

The final outcome is the fall of man into the future with a gold ring to the future of memory, awakened her to another part of the memory, save the ultimate success of the future.

Okay, I admit that writing is very long-winded also confused, but in fact when I see that I'm such a mess wronged 2333, 2333 how can I do so I think we still go to personally look better.

In the final film also solved a few fans:

Future please ring her mother Sakakibara Yayoi (Akihito's mother) with her body, and an object is to the future of loved everything better protected.

2. God is the primary gatekeeper Yayoi dream demon and two connection points of the human world.

3. Youmu been able to come to the human world, because the family is cursed blood of hatred turned demon dream world connected, and connecting doors these two worlds is called the realm of the other side.

Well, probably the case. The plot is somewhat complex, I can not say very clearly, and I think this is really great theatrical do, so go see for himself, it may regret in life. Yep. In the end of the article I would like to talk about my thoughts a little.

Details of this film do great, the characters are Japanese anime has also been a strong point. Miss Choi, which impressed me most is the dream as a demon and has been collaborating with the name of Lai home. She gave me the impression has been cool and calm, under this level we can analyze the reasons for this one. As the demon dream home in front of Lai name itself is a vulnerable group, with the ability to name Lai home, or from watching the film, one person alone Naze spring can eliminate color Miss China. So this dream a demon to be signed this contract exists with disabilities outsider, how would like also a little dangerous, so whenever you want to or have to be alert. So, I think in this regard, how do you say, can be said that the characters are well, it can be said that I am reading too much into anime, but can not reasonably describe the characterization of the conflict, but also so that people deeply rooted, which yet called success, right?

Tablets Each character has its own unique character, the fall of man is to have to go beyond hate love, want to make a happy future, and the future is in turn the same. Bo Chen in my opinion is more of a responsibility, instead of disappearing at the end of the TV version of Bo Chen Quan sister became head of the family name Lai, in addition to the same guardian of his sister and friends as before, but also the guardian of the city. Others, like former Yayoi God, although it is a very mystery of the role, but also very profound meaning of the lines.

Youmu Ye Hao, Ye Hao Shi outsider, in fact, these are not related. No matter what capacity he is, you only need to think of their frank important people, people that stay around just fine. Watching them, I thought so. - Sakakibara Yayoi

Hazy things

Disappeared in the mist that end of things

Clearly should remember

Recovered memories of it has disappeared

Even if you want to recall

I would like to escape as the disappearance of memory

For example, a childhood playmate

Primary school party

After school innocent frolic

He has been keen to favorites

Those vivid memories of each moment

As the years fade fade

Finally, just like you have not seen anything happen generally fade away

How much memory it needs human beings in order to survive

Already lived thousands of day and night

And to lead the future of tens of thousands in the night

What perception forget

If it is so vast and vague memories constituted

It is too ambiguous and illusory

So in order to maintain myself

I will say this

you can

forever and always

I live together with you

- Kuriyama future Sakakibara Akihito

Well, that's it, I feel a little bad writing this article, it is the feeling of a mess you lot 2333 inclusive it, like it, please like and recommend, what say you can directly code word in the comments area. Well, that's it.

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