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Movie: beyond the boundary TV

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Other

Today the final exam, language and bio-two subjects, my papers for the difficulty of the former is already expected, because my language has been bad, although first took the exam, but it is entirely a small probability event. Choice even Mongolia with a guess, small writing learning Korean, death to live always could get points. However creatures, why test HeLa cells ah, why are the relationship between the rate of photosynthesis and stomatal resistance of cucumber mesophyll cells and soil moisture ah, why the test papers are all in the book did not say, ah, you ask me cancer underlying causes cell, I said that in addition to the normal cells from the cell cycle, tumor suppressor gene activity decreased expression of proto-oncogenes, can I say Shaa? You should not test the breeding of normal cells do? Teachers do not speak cancer, I am also very wronged, ah, how can I do? The suspension slightly but biologically 110 (out of 120).

To sum up, I may be on a fake school, learned a fake biology, fake exam again.

All a big conspiracy, whether it is a test, or beyond the boundary.

Well, yes. Beyond the Boundary. I remember a long time ago I read this fan, but because it was not collected in the theatrical version of 1080P, and so want to wait until the assembly of the re-issued, which should be finished after another first article of this series thing, but screeching back, wow, so many have gone on, just think of it other side of the state, Kuriyama future I'm sorry you ah 2333

So this means that I finally found two theatrical, it is entirely thanks to the suppression of VCB-studio set, the current situation of this series are from the vast majority of fan groups also have to thank this with VCB cooperation clouds subtitles group, although not translated OVA and Movie network drama there, but I've decided to learn Japanese Fortunately, the 2333 OVA and network drama is Japanese subtitles, I think before this winter if a little effort, then Japanese should be able to guess the fan to understand the point of it. Note that guess to understand, just like my junior high school when they were forced to do in high school English teacher reading a Part D look, guessing is not read 2333

Well, since no subtitles, first TV version written here come to an end. Beijing is not Arnie, we like to point out suspense, but outset told the audience the truth, is not it boring? Moreover, since ancient times literature are particular about this, this is a story ah, but not incident reports. So I mean that we do not be online pretty incredible pictures fool you, this is not what you would imagine. Not a glasses control sweet and cute love seniors sister, really is not. If you are not spoilers, then, for the first time to see really fall into a pit, which is the official dug pit ah, there are good things ah, so I did not read the words would not have to look down, to VCB official website to find their own resources to go over it.

So I. . . Try not spoilers.

. . .

. . . .

. . . . .

But I do not play through this article would not be able to write ah. . . I do not want spoilers, but I can not put the article leave here ah, lo main on Lofter cool-looking, I was the most moral sentiment of a 2333 verses and I will not remember the lofter the eight hundred years is not, nor spit some strange things like personal feelings on lofter, not to send those full of negative energy inside the shade is really the idea, ha, if you see, it must be someone stolen my number issued, maybe that is the official Lofter done it, I wrote the article too great, give I put a lot of dark stuff to scare away readers 2333 (the above is purely fictitious, my home page All articles are written by myself, lofter in addition to letters and articles for I will not do other things, huh.

I am afraid the poor down, gentlemen readers really want to be a nuisance. Now I want to start simple spoilers. The story is about a girl named Kuriyama future birth cursed blood flowing, she can manipulate his own blood, as weapons and armor, and this blood itself is highly toxic, pengshui who died, James it does not work. One day she was asked to kill the family name Lai called the other side of the demon realm of dream, and this dream demon possessed man in the Lord God the original autumn people. Unfortunately, it seems the future is Kuriyama accidentally in love with the original God Akihito, then things Well, you know, not so simple to let you kill, let alone a loved one, if I, I They will also choose to sacrifice themselves to save the other.

Carefully comrades discovered, if I, I, too, would choose. Yes, the film Kuriyama future choose to transfer the realm of the other side autumn person to himself, the result is the disappearance of her realm and the other side together, then the fall of man as a person can live a normal, before he It is a body of immortality half-demon.

Finally, the last of it, in the TV version of last autumn put people beyond the boundary and recover his body 12 set, and also returned to Chestnut Hill next autumn the people around you. On Happy end Arnie's still the best in Beijing 2333

Overall this TV story was great, the first 8 collection is simply kept in the dark until the last two episodes really uncover the truth. What, you ask me what the middle two episodes? The middle is a film in two episodes reveal some message to the audience, so that the development of the plot towards the truth. So all of a sudden go from the illusory world of the real world, I am afraid that this audience will not stand it, so Beijing Ani with two episodes as a buffer, will leave the real story line.

People regard, Beijing produced Ani, style naturally Needless to say, in addition to the future at first glance fallen badly collapse shoulder Kuriyama (someone's shoulder can do it inclined 45 degrees ah .... Well, I tried a bit, still do) a little awkward, the other painting really particularly good, whether it is a scene or character, especially in the name of Lai family's sister, Mizuki Naze, simply beautiful and fried it! But I still like Kuriyama future, because it is really very Meng ah! Since ancient times, Meng United States can not have both, I chose a sprouting a beauty (do not hit me ah

Music, Beijing Arnie is not to say, before the fruit inside the ice let me classical music like the incredible, and this soundtrack is also very capable of rendering the atmosphere, the most special thing is the BGM often Ani Beijing adapted to suit the scene did not feel BGM towering presence, it shows how natural soundtrack yes.

Then the saying has been said, I think the character analysis is left to the theatrical version to write. Because a character analysis is more time-consuming because brainer, and I would also like to test tomorrow, play well early hours is the usual practice during my test, the implication is that before I never exam review.

Well, then it is so. Beyond the boundary is part of good works, we recommend to take a look Oh!

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