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Movie: beyond the boundary OVA

Sunday on September 27th, 2020Other

Although there is no translation OVA and Movie Network drama there, but I've decided to learn the Japanese language

It now appears that I have not syllabary completion, the Internet has been a Movie, OVA and WebSP subtitles, and this should be regarded as anti-flag, right? Also my final exam results are out, it seems the job is not only to stay in the sub-graders this regard, seven in the teacher's efficiency pricey thing.

Because just finished final exams, some teachers had already started to layout winter operations by WeChat groups. I was in the circle of friends distress: seven of the teacher's efficiency but so excited in this regard. Original text of this statement of Mr. Lu Xun: a see short sleeves, white Bibo immediately thought, immediately think of the whole naked, and immediately thought of genitalia, sexual intercourse immediately thought, immediately think of hybrids, immediately thought of an illegitimate child. Chinese people's imagination but in this case one can leap forward.

Well, since the relevant subtitles found, then we began to see. Because of past theatrical piece is a summary of the whole TV (including OVA ... it), similar to the official MAD, so I put the first set of OVA and 00 of the last chapter comes with network drama and theatrical writing together a.

The first is the OVA. This is not the normal time for the order described, nor by God's perspective, this in a TV version of a review I have written. On the one hand is a perspective Kuriyama future party, but each scene less every word is a description of the truth, a so-called a big bang; and the other is the fall of man perspective, it should be said that the party cheated, beginning Kuriyama future that is to come hit the shadow of nothingness, only later come to know the truth. Although the protagonist lacks the capability, not heaven into the earth, but we can not say scrap wood, after all, the core of the story is his. As the story progresses, and finally in both the information known to the end of the fast few episodes reached the same level, the perspective will unify. And this set of 00, a bit like Another set of 00, after all the positive aired, the starting point of the story or start/cause to OVA way to run, so to be considered a good account of this story, after all, you are the story played out, really wonderful, but come from ah? Although said to be the world's overhead is very reasonable, but at least have to have a beginning, so to see Another Kawasaki Ming sister's death solved the first puzzle (Why no one started school a month death/curse is not in force), and beyond the boundary is to the TV made a positive environmental interpretation - the following relates spoilers - autumn people originally living in the deep forests limited live, family name Lai faction controls brother to sister received in the name of Lai's family chassis , the surprise came with the sister. But unfortunately the representative of the Association of Disabled outsider, is that men and slag, is also eyeing the fall of man, the devil knows what he was thinking, anyway, now it should be the evil characters, such as a very dark Bu Lunxi Stewart in nine roles, in order to experiment with what can be made out, but maybe this slag man is to gain power? I do not know, anyway, is a big villain on the right, there is no room whitewashed (Flag stand so, if in the final theatrical version the next chapter really washed up how to do). Although this last dregs of the men lived, but after the fall of Black & stab people, put his body to get the dream demon surface, sister brother control because the young, too young too simple, sometimes naive, hurt by the dying, back left a scar. This time my sister think there is any way people fly past (I did not see) and gave him a cursed blood containing capsules, and successfully used it to fight the fall of man back to human form. So all things and found a family cursed blood descendants Kuriyama future. Thus, Kuriyama future formally launched, came to the people around autumn. Behind the story is the TV version.

Overall TV version and almost nothing to say, yes. Network play is also an official engaged in something very funny, which also controls brother sister Chen Bo Naze public (four girls) 2333 but, after all, bullying and ran funny to go, so it is still very interesting, and not much to say, say it 2333 to look good Tell me what you see for yourself that set it.

Here is a Movie. The last chapter is a summary version of the TV, like small round starting eternal Story, considered the official MAD it, more money, in addition to adding new BGM (it seems not much), and there is no new thing, the order is in accordance with the general order of TV delivery, as is the antecedent review and sort out what the plot. And at the end of the TV is different is that the future wear glasses, but it seems sudden amnesia. Then gone

It is obvious official routines Well, let you read past articles look at the next chapter. Therefore, such an action would look forward to it a little bit small, no accident, then probably tomorrow afternoon should be able to read the next chapter? Well, probably it. Well, this time to write to you on this text well, it is so. good night everybody.

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