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Water floating lights

Sunday on July 26th, 2020Other

The film "Black Snake 'episode, composer James Wong, James Wong is worthy of a genius, so this song mildly touching, especially for listening quietly in the night, also seems to forget a lot of earthly troubles, try to understand that the slightest tenderness!

In such a night it is not particularly suitable to write something? Ups and downs, unexamined gave over the years, has been the fifth day of work, a lot of things happen in the body suddenly become strange, you even lost interest, people can not intoxicated, can not leave, at the moment I only awkward standing.

When you look to the future, we found that those who are so easy, when you look back, I found that people are so efforts to learn now closed not say that word, do not expect someone to understand you, Do not have illusions opportunity in front of you, people sometimes only a foot into the mire, and they knew how deep it is, of course, not in the end perhaps never stepped on.

Life is placed in front of a topic you do not answer, the process in countless, countless types of answers there, enjoy writing it, good or bad on Mo, Lengnuanzizhi!

Still kept tossing his blog every day, though sparsely populated, but he will always be their most loyal audience, the code is changed over and over again, does not stop to learn other people's sites, sometimes ask myself, not tired ? I always do things for no result, it is music is not he, for promising things, the performance was tired, unable to walk down to earth, still Pidianpidian two on the road, this is a disease ah!

Subscribe on Google Reader is the most technical class blog and website, these things for a long time to maintain interest, and almost moldy, and can not go out and focus on the next life, and see there are a lot of sister in this world, there are actually a lot of fun things ... things are not addicted to any degree is a learned skill.

Chinese New Year this time, to change guitar strings, and the last is not good, this is good on the string, are not likely before tuning with the tuner is also not allowed to transfer, this time with Baidu that guitar tuning, simple and fast tune better. In fact, the guitar when he contacted three days, the students get out of bed is a master, followed him for a while to learn, not playing with the basic high school, the university bought a guitar, but it is in a hurry to miss, when a computer all day, all kinds of boring toss now and then better than the point of it. After a time to play, since it regarded the door, do not easily give up ~

Tuning the guitar, there are on the screen E, A, D, G, B, E six strings, guitar strings click will issue standard pronunciation, the upper right corner and the switching electric guitar acoustic guitar, you may be required to switch to tuner acoustic guitar or an electric guitar tuner!

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