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Movie Motherhood

Saturday on August 15th, 2020Other

Was fortunate to be in on Sunday to watch the film version of the opera school "Motherhood", for time reasons, was not able to read. Especially in this weekend it Throughout again, after the concept of orbital dip dip, feeling a lot, then this article make sense to talk of the heart.

Peacock Flying Southeast Wuli a wandering. Jun family can not do anything, leaving behind nothing facilities.

I wonder why there is such a popular BES "Motherhood", not to mention the ancients intentionally written as a warning to future generations grip still was true and recorded, we should carefully try to figure out try to figure out.

Since Liu Lan married coke, and the Making love and affection Lange is good. It also angered her mother is jealous, as the thorn in the side Lange, Lange was arranged how demanding chores. Three days weaving five mother are too slow, bursts of scolding and humiliation, Lange none complained. Sister complain Lange why not speak to her mother they understand, Lange just laugh it off and told his sister to re-honor her mother, younger people should be considerate elders.

Zhong Qing busy with official business, day to go home and less. Lange was a person stay jealously guarding its availability, coupled with misunderstanding and exclusion scolding mother's day, not Lange is bitter hidden in the heart. Zhong Qing home once rare, drive a wedge between her mother and nothing Lange. Really sad ......

Finally, ah, east aunt saying. Lange played a divorced mother make plans, and for the house wife Qin Luo Fu Zhong Qing reprovision. Mid-Autumn Festival reunion day, Zhong Qing government to go home and tell their families, who knows in this night, her mother forced Zhong Qing divorced Lange. Zhong Qing ink mill Lange wrote off the book, Lange worshiped her mother, back to her family. Zhong Qing chase out, and Lange vowed in his way: Jun as a rock, concubine as pampas grass; pampas tough as silk, rock-free transfer.

Lange returned with the hope the rise will make it difficult for her own family. Can look forward to one thousand Wan, etc., Zhong Qing still coming to greet him. The long wait is sub-prefect of the dowry, and finally in the sub-prefect of the wedding day, the two men Phi Zhong Qing Lange peacock wind, turned into a double birds.

Period so that future generations through the ages incomplete sigh of thing. We can not blame the so-called feudal society, because even if a feudal but also created a lot of brilliant.

Zhong Qing also did not blame blame the weakness of it? In ancient times, women speak three from the four virtues, from the perspective of gender equality in terms of today Zhong Qing is a coward, unable to care for and protect his wife. Even mothers insist onslaught, he should also have the right to make decisions, not everything is obedient to elders. Of course, greater respect for King Long also need to do, no wonder Zhong Qing sister would call a ruthless unintentional man!

So today's society, there is this eternal farewell it? There are worth mentioning, no matter whether ......

Why Peacock Flying Southeast, Northwest because there are tall buildings.

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