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The movie The Mystic Archives of Dantalian

Friday on August 14th, 2020Other

Moon in singing softly

To no one can hear

Ebb and flow

Memory segment passing

Stars In quietly record

To who can not read text

Silent whirlpool filled with text

She gave birth to one hundred billion book

Sky to me is unlimited

Engraved fleeting time

Ignorant of nothingness

Convergence of languages

Only rotted in the soil

Even so I have to cry

Know why cry

To the sound of at least spread the sky

The sun rises it eventually

Dark humble answer

No one can foresee the future

I put his hand to the sky

Seize the cold wind

The despair blown it

Ye Hao distressed dreams will all bring back the past

At dawn and sleeping in the ground

I will move on

Toward the unknown future

This text from Dante Lai bookshelf positive last episode of the male hanging out of the open book from the shelves, cough, tomorrow has not yet seen the text of the poem. The story is roughly the male turned out to be a pilot, and later received his grandfather's death came to the house his grandfather left to found The Mystic Archives of Dantalian - Da Lian. Then two men began to gather for the book, seal magic book ...... probably have a magic book where they will have (I've only seen theatrical fog 2333, the novel's words have been added to the shopping cart)

Fan to receive the whole book as the main line, kept daily brush to do the task, and finally saw the other two shelves - read Professor Ji and Ji read the official book burning red of Silver (translation from Wikipedia). The final outcome is Professor repair Iraq was collapsing a shot fall to the ground, repair Iraq single-handedly collapse god fly professor gun to destroy the shelves While Professor Dante Lai and then with Da Lian ran.

In the last few episodes we know the purpose of repair Iraq back - and a child bookshelf man had agreed to take her out to see the outside world. And before the final they have to die because of injury or open shelves, he wants to fulfill his promise. But his self - made Flag can there be so well received, bookshelf door has a guardian, is to prevent the repair Iraq took that person (the guardian is the last man with a Pandora's box of similar things like income, I called Lei Feng, do not thank me), then through a series of efforts to repair Iraq or whether that person or Da Lai, Da Lian and bookshelf last man to make the repair Iraq unconscious place full of blood with the resurrection, and the resurrection magic time to get the book: hanging open book, no, not yet seen the poetry of tomorrow. The magic book to help repair Iraq to destroy all the zombies, but for these zombies professor who has been useless, because the plot has been ready, he sent printed Magic distribute the book out. Finished the book at this time of repair Iraq again unconscious (according to the plot development guess), then these printed illusion how to do it? Of course, and I spent the same examination paper - burn! Appear before the Extra Episode 01 in the official book burning again debut, he burned those magic books. Repair Iraq and saved a life after hearing the cries of Da Lian.

As for the "man" in the description, record Wikipedia as follows:

Dante Lai bookshelf world's guardian of numerous books of magic girl, looks like Da Lian appearance, in fact, is itself trapped in a prison called the magic of the book, until the protagonist of a particular accidentally broke and knew of her existence and made an appointment with her to take her leave, there have always believed that one day be able to go out here.

Book burning officer, I checked Wikipedia, as follows: "Howl individual seems to be the magic books have resentment, book burning was for the purpose of reason is not very clear." In the last episode Hal (burn books Officer) also he said - the most important person he had been burned, personally burn. I think that people burn it, or the most important person, I think it is impossible to burn for no reason, based on the book of the road, the pot must be magic book. So this may also be from any book burning Hal official this role.

As a fan of success makes me cry, I want to say is Da Lian. As a flat chest is also far more than the sub-tongued sister of Lolita, usually daily, and repair Iraq brush to do the task when the property is often poisonous tongue and playfully attributes point at least, but usually encountered when food or their favorite bear puppet They will be tempted, but still awkward to hide such feelings. Revised Iraq after the last shot in a coma after open shelves when Da Lian say this to say: "Hugh Anthony Meredith Ward, Wake up, go on like this you will always be there wandering. you have to take me to the magic book it! fry bread to eat together to drink tea. even if you get lost I will forgive you! even the mountain roads become covered with mud in the mountains, I am also very happy. May be Xiatian Lie tanning good, the rain drenched Ye Hao, Ye Hao very sleepy spring breeze, the aroma of the leaves or. you did not take me flown too! repair Iraq! "ah, this is to be my then moved ah! ! ! Usually poisonous tongue playfully sister at this moment it suddenly becomes really out of this passage, it is like ah!

So overall this fan, I really like, Another has brought fear and I think, The Mystic Archives of Dantalian then bring me amazed and moved. I marvel at the author's imagination, but also marvel at the power of words, and I also touched human well-being that Chi-Chi the story behind it.

Da Lian and is willing to repair Iraq can be together forever.

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