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Play ready to buy a drawing board

Thursday on September 24th, 2020Other

Today Y students loaded sketchbook, suddenly ask yourself again regain the next line of work, installing a hand-painted plate play. Now look at a very cheap price. Remember watching when prices are over a thousand, and now only a small wacom hundreds of entry-level. Compared with, Y is recommended to buy M, because I rarely painted 2d, and later on take a small S, and easy to carry, can not play after play to his son, and will not be wasted. From the Amazon to buy 259, see also the comments below 189, ranging from the calculations have been cheaper than Jingdong Taobao tens of dollars.

Z for that spike is also very interesting, a product has two paid options, plain as a Taobao Jingdong old drivers as well as a little uncomfortable.

For the first time in the Amazon top of the shopping, I feel like this version and Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang do not feel like ah, think of it before a few years ago with Godaddy host when the top open source shopping program certmart or what was it, understand Mall Why programming like that, and it turned out to be overseas cottage.

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