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Movie: Brynhildr in the Darkness

Wednesday on August 26th, 2020Other

I would like to summarize speaking with the end of the year as the last one year, and then this one as the head of a new year, not Miya? Scheduled this afternoon to review the history, because the New Year holiday is over is history examination, and I consequently do not know what what it really bare test 23333 *

Anyway, finally put this Brynhildr in the Darkness have read. I found this cartoon has not quite that child Well, just do a full psychological preparation and anticipation. For example Naibo episode, I knew after she finished a bunch of lines, shackles will be pop up on cue. So the beginning is a bit OP was scared, but after reading the still feel quite interesting.

The plot not much to say, the male Ryota's childhood black child was killed by accident, while in high school, when suddenly there was a transfer student with a black cat looks exactly the same, the male began to investigate, and then triggered a series of subsequent events. It boils down to this: 1, so that they are magic, the body was transformed, back of the neck there is a yoke. There are three buttons - pop, suspend and awakening. The awakening of this button, usually 99.9?hance to make the magic will lead to death, but I have not seen since the current awakening button is pressed the magic died. 1.5, pop shackles magic will lead to the dissolution of the body and death. 2, they must eat something called drug agents dead town, at the end of its pharmacological drama revealed: the magic suppression of protein digestive enzymes called proteases (at the other I think this is the proper name for it should be called protease, the enzyme's function name, which is the hydrolytic activity/dissolved protein), the implication is that one day without medication, the body will be dissolved because of the action of proteases. 3, components of the drug is unknown, and is not crystalline. 4, the male has Hyperthymesia, is the ability to see things in mind all such disorders, the brain will not be forgotten memories.

The main goal of man is to let them live. So the first half of the main line is to get more drugs. In the beginning of the drama, black cats because of negligence lit kitchen, accidentally burned all the rest of the drug, so they had no choice, help and beauty, her black magic computer, connected to the data lines can be black all over the world (I also want to have this function ah), but because of her drug is also finished, so exhausted last breath of life to help women inside a pedestrian to the factory to steal drugs. What happened then, the male became a steal, also found a similar alien amoeba, which began to develop the story, from simple to steal drugs developed into life-sustaining want to know the truth of the existence of magic.

In experienced numerous encounters with the magic, make, and they witnessed the death of the course, the male found his uncle, was a chemical genius, a focus on the success of the last copy of the agent to make magic in their survival. And he also recognized that happened after the end of the magic of this event Black Hand -- nine thousand pity. To plot development to half of the time, the magic man in the side of the main there are four - the ability to predict the future of Kana Tachibana, can use the strange power of black feather Ningzai (black cat), and others can exchange position and reset the kinetic energy ( focus here has been reflected in the 11.5, birds Ryota accidentally dropped from the signal tower is about to exchange position when landing, but both sides are not killed, thus the male speculated that she was able to reset the kinetic energy) eagle birds bird, and able to hack into the computers of all US-.

Later, nine thousand pity can not be reconciled, the Institute sent the strongest magic inside the Valkyrie, which is pro-sister's black cat. She can steal the drug before the magic encountered in the process of making everyone else around beheaded, but also free to create antimatter (in the real world where the laws of physics do not apply). And for safety reasons, nine repression has sent several defensive magic as the entourage, but unfortunately all been killed Valkyrie, is the only surviving early Wakabayashi dish with regenerative capabilities, as long as the drug is not ejected or broken , will not die. Later in the confrontation with the Valkyrie in the male for the protection of injured black cat died (before this one died when stealing drugs, but because of the death of the magic that resulted in life-threatening injury, the magic of last resort 1 minute ago back to the time, so the male did not know he was dead once, to see the world from the perspective of the male also did not turn back the clock in the world after died), at the beginning of dishes to be melted to his body save the expense of the male, and then use the ability to resurrect himself killed easily save a Valkyrie and beauty. Really wonderful ah.

And finally, the first time the confrontation with the Valkyrie, the plot of the male desperate to open a terminal out of the inner tube Institute, attracted a crowd of people dressed in church clothes (clothes handsome ah ~ that) they the institute is dedicated to the resistance groups, which can neutralize the magic of magic, the magic can fail.

But nine turn around shot hit the magic that makes (abrasions), use this as an empty teleport away. Then plot development into the thirteenth set, much has happened in this episode. Which tells the background of the story: human beings are created by aliens, and left a gene in the human gene, the cells will be dissolved once the trigger of all living (programmed cell death), and the earth will become death Star. The condition is triggered, the magic is that every alien yoke in the back of the neck growth. These aliens will mature after hatched, devour magic to make the body into a killing machine, of which Grane aliens called, once the hatch, it will emit light, when the light covers the entire planet when you can trigger the above said gene, allowing cell lysis of all life, reset the Earth. Unfortunately, No. 1107, is a bird, her shackles grow is this creature. So for the benefit of all humanity, she must die, this is the story there is no room for development trend.

The final result is that the birds died, while others are live. Naibo Although pop, but before the dissolution of her own ability to own personality wrote the male mind (dual personality), and the emergence and help him in the desperate men should think. So along with the last successful replication of medicine, five magical girl and men should live together down (here Naibo did not count, because some ways she was dead, and she did not know the other magic in the male brain exist). Then, the whole end of the play.

This time with a great length to explain the plot, but still missing some details, such as the last Kana to give up their ability to be able to exchange the expense of freedom of movement, to protect the black cat stake here. So living in the above story, here I have to start Tucao.

The first is the human body, why is solid ah, the male body is solid ah? I thought that only the magic of the body is solid, as had been transformed. So the question is:

In the above scenario, it is assumed the bullet muzzle kinetic energy Ek, excluding air resistance, the thickness of the body nine thousand pity is d, volume v, the bullet mass is m, without breakdown of the body (within the range humans), seeking initial kinetic energy of the bullet and the average density M Ek main body.

But the serious point is hard to say this story is purely a tragedy, how should I say, is built on pure emotional tragedy, Lynn Okamoto this is more like the character into a brutal environment compared to the kind of small round, with characters death (usually a sister) and desperate to make the whole thing an atmosphere clouded. Very typical example is able to suppress a group of people live in the Metropolitan Police and the national media manhunt magic, while the male has to a man they singled out, just think about the feel a lot of pressure. But in this emotional, in addition to the magic for them than the male's love at first sight, is being sent to the daily meat (here is not a screenshot, so the article was closed).

A look at this animation is to start at a friend's Amway began to see, he said this particular gloomy, so I look up. But I think compared to the small round, with Akemi old imaginary small circle of flame that simply like to construct the feelings of sadness, the Lynn Okamoto directly with death and despair hate up, a little not quite able to move people. But again, the characters and the background setting under the two works are worth pondering, it is worth thinking about. Different characters have different personalities, behaviors are not the same face of the event. Behind the words it is also a psychological analysis of the materials are full, so the characterization that regard, the two works are very successful.

Well, that's it. This year is so you, see you next year!

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