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Movie: bloom Iroha

Wednesday on August 26th, 2020Other

This article is dedicated to my friend at this time as far away as Australia.

This count this series have been twelve, the blink of an eye my friend to leave now for a month. He told me to study the news is what happened yesterday, and more than thirty days before that afternoon I still remember the scene as new. Time flies, but also the end of the summer, and fear is no way to look after the school you want to see the fan, so I relaxed and written articles of the bar.

Originally bored of the scenery, we have you scenery, so beautiful; though I am not familiar scene, but because of you, we feel this familiar landscape.

Koichi Tanemura before the film's loose thread and flowers are thought so. Xu's mother spent a night flight in the evening, leaving the thread of her grandmother took one person to work in the hotel. Hei Zhuang prototype Baiyun House Hostel Ishikawa Prefecture, has been closed down. Whether once-familiar streets of Tokyo, is a newcomer to the Hei village, Koichi as the male a not long faceless, all the time to the care of the household confidence, even Xu spend your own brain fill out or just the two of human hair SMS phone calls, saying after the meeting, a human mind can think of, is really a very wonderful thing, at least shows that he is not unencumbered.

The next thing is to say it is pretty commonplace, want to jump directly jump. I wrote here several times before, because it was voluntary reporting slippery hand, came to the 7. In fact, that is a slippery hand, it is just a pretext. Voluntary reporting one by one at the time when Baidu schools, although Baidu re-slag re heartless, this kind of thing to earth, possibly Google and Wikipedia are far behind it. This time Baidu told me that a good 7 7 wonderful, one of 7 seconds seconds seconds to days, the young man he did not understand the history ah, he cheated. Zhang said this is a really wait until 2333 to this place after, just listen to my brother boasted of their radio and television how how cattle X, and then I got there and saw the door blurted out "real break" as the word of the mood, I also want to say. " really broken, "but I held back out of trouble-making 2333 so-called Badlands, elementary school in the" very classy "liuyin Street after graduating from elementary school, came to the mouth of others" gathering all kinds of bad, "teaching hospital attached, thinks Beijing City most broken worst school but also the case now, however, saw Seven I still feel I was wrong, I began to feel as inappropriate to say his junior high school. I am not here mean to the black 7, if now I'm thirteen, thirty-fifth school, then there is certainly is dark them. So if they saw the effect of leadership, no need at the opening ceremony after a few days Chezhebozi say some students leave school unfavorable remarks on their website.

At first I was going to follow the example of Lu Xun "wide waste", but a few days I hid myself in the 2333 so-called nature is human nature to seek death ah! Seek death is found, apart from my friend, surnamed Zhou, some readers will probably look familiar it's incredible 2333 appearance on my site several times, I will be wondering why every time I write his article will certainly Chan will be the point, I admit that he was taller than I look good, sound softer than I, she is better than me, than I have money, but you can not bully people ah. So I seek death on the side of the side slip ridiculous, and he became friends. He was the first friend I knew in high school, one after another, too. For example, the language class representative Kwak, is a diamond in the rough old driver, just met him a few days later he told me that kelp wine, I was very pure and I do not know, ah, went to the Baidu. Since branched out. There my nickname Liu Liu, although I do not know this nickname came from, but compared to other nickname steel sub-pull (this is because people are more just and face as long shoehorn) or something, this elegant and more a. High wanted a full year, if they are on my side, if not weeks sometimes seek death will not let me stop me, I may not live to see such a big (laughs

Like everyone rapeseed, China and sub-Hei village as, for thread flower, it is a close friend, boyfriend, girlfriend ordinary friends close friends, relatives and childhood education there was me, "go out to rely on friends' kind of thing, but since that time no friends, do not understand. Now this sentence and instead of salt spray. He'd be happy to face between friends, dinner drink, never tired. I do not like this, this is to be together with friends can relax, why should rather be struggling to maintain the relationship, so I'd rather not pay a friend.

In fact, I was quite aspire to the kind of life anime, although not as quiet now, but can they work to make money, and effort to look for what, about blood, is very good. This summer say you want to go to work to make money to buy a graphics card, the end result did not spend less money, get the money may have enough one of the K620. How to write a job but did not, in fact, did not want to write, what materialism, idealism history of those things, as well as Chinese political requirements of what must read, write little desire to have no citizenship. So there is only a handful of doing things, learning to learn Esperanto, they still could not say a complete sentence, the word does not know the pearls of a basket. The only way to show off is that these articles of. Although several times that obviously Fan drama completion, with such a large space to write your own flowers as we complain, is not run too far, I think I did not say a Fan drama recommended, since it is like a diary as essays, see after I finished animation say and write out a sense it is taken for granted (fart Liqu (the Japanese explanation is "sophistry, sophistry, hypocritical" square "irrational" to "")

So bloom Iroha is a good animation, as a PA works to commemorate the tenth anniversary of P.A.WORKS work, youth Story trilogy and the second part of "working girls" series works first bomb, it is recommended!

Finally, as always, thank you readers like to read the complete article points. This time it, also like to thank the high school a year to spend with my week and partners. Far away in Australia, a person take care of yourself, study it, stubborn Zhang ~ te ne!

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