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The pursuit of excellence and perfection

Thursday on September 24th, 2020Other

Post title to use this right, the pursuit of excellence, perfection is SEM brand slogan,

Today looked CUBING modeling phase of a new development model, before sloppy thing of the past in DATA, or what progress is not strictly required, to show up in the actual CUBING, this model was commissioned by a vendor manufacture in Qingdao, To tell the truth this time precision, really do not how, but the overall partial elements, then, a Taiwanese manufacturer than originally contracted to the early years would be better.

The model just does some feedback, some of the R angle, gap, vision correction, etc. are to be noted that, in accordance with the actual model a more intuitive and more accurate way to present in front of you, rather than three-dimensional rendering in the computer, something You can make a decision.

Also a model for football and sample data is also made to confirm Guards, super short period of time, more than super views, and good results presented fairly OK, this is when we experience an increase. But the overall results were good, with foreign and domestic vary, the domestic rate of the rhythm a lot faster than in other countries, the number of hourly designers took today ...... SB do something for someone to buy a new Land Rover representation the second question. 1.15 nights, stay

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